The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, led by Thomas Wine, issued subpoenas on Friday relating to Katina Powell’s and IBJ Book Publishing LLC’s book “Breaking Cardinal Rules”.  According to a report by ESPN The IBJ Book Publishing LLC, publisher Patricia Keiffner confirmed the company had received a subpoena from the Commonwealth Attorney and is set to appear before a Grand Jury on November 5th.

Grand Jury proceedings are sealed in Kentucky and individuals who have received a subpoena is prohibited from commenting.  Katina Powell’s attorney Larry Wilder did make a statement to the ESPN report that Ms. Powell had not received a subpoena from the Commonwealth or any other government agency.

Individuals that are the subjected of an investigation are rarely subpoenaed as subjects typically invoke the 5th Amendment during questioning.  But IBJ may be compelled to provide documents provided to them by Katina Powell.  The grand jury will be seeking whether or not to move forward with criminal prosecution, however, the subjects will be unknown until this process concludes;  Andre McGee, Katina Powell, Powell’s daughters, unknown individuals?

The grand jury will also likely documents provided The grand jury is likely to subpoena record from the University & Andre McGee in addition to records Powell did not provide to IBJ.  It is reported that UofL Police Officer John Meller is leading the investigation along with Jeffrey Jewell, and Asst Commonwealth Attorney Chris Foster who prosecutes crimes against children.

During this time the NCAA may halt or slow its own investigation while it awaits law enforcement and the judicial process to conclude.


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