The Cards and Noles have met twice during the 2017-18 season with both teams winning on the others home court…. and both home teams blowing significant leads.  The Cards were beaten badly on the boards in both meetings but didn’t turn the ball over very often in the 1st match-up leading to the win. Both teams seem to want to foul each other quite a bit as both UofL & FSU have shot a large amount of Free Throws.  Florida State has a lot of size that has cause Louisville quite a bit of problems in both meetings, but if UofL limits turnovers and shoots well they can pull off the victory for the program’s 1st ever ACC Tournament win.

Louisville is #34 in Ken Pom.  Florida State is #35.  Florida State is #44 in the RPI. Louisville is #46.  It will be hard to find two teams who are more evenly matched this early in conference tournaments that may also factor in the NCAA Tournament/bubble.  But they’ll face off noon Wednesday at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Louisville Florida State
Strength of Schedule (Ken Pom) 41st 53rd
PPG 76.6 (82nd) 82.0 (23rd)
Avg Scoring Margin 6.3 (66th) 7.8 (47th)
Field Goal % 45.7% (115th) 47.5% (39th)
Effective FG% 52.0% (136th) 54.0% (61st)
2-pt FG % 50.7% (149th) 54.8% (37th)
3-pt FG % 36.3% (108th) 35.0% (166th)
FT % 73.8% (79th) 68.8% (275th)
FT Attempted Per Game 19.4 (172nd) 22.3 (51st)
Opp FT Attempted Per Game 18.6 (139th) 19.2 (174th)
Rebound Rate 50.2% (163rd) 52.3% (60th)
Blocks Per Game 6.1 (3rd) 5.0 (21st)
Steals Per Game 7.1 (53rd) 6.8 (81st)
Assists Per Game 13.7 (146th) 15.3 (59th)
Turnovers Per Game 12.1 (91st) 13.0 (172nd)
Opp Turnovers Per Game 13.6 (110th) 14.3 (63rd)
Team Fouls Per Game 16.7 (71st) 18.3 (192nd)
Opp Shooting % 40.7% (16th) 41.8% (45th)
Opp Effective FG% 46.3% (12th) 48.6% (59th)
Opp 2-pt FG % 44.7% (13th) 45.4% (22nd)
Opp 3-Pt FG % 33.0% (57th) 35.8% (217th)
Opp Blocks Per Game 2.9 (76th) 2.7 (43rd)
Opp Steals Per Game 6.2 (191st) 5.9 (137th)
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