Pete Thamel has to be trolling Kentucky Fans to write such a glowing piece on Louisville Coach Charlie Strong, Tom Jurich, and the football team’s “Rise to Prominence”, right?

I think Pete found an article from the Kragthorpe era “Crashing to Earth”, and just replaced all the adjectives with their exact opposite.

I am really proud to be a Cardinal.


Some Highlights From the Article

On head coaching opportunities
Strong, 53, didn’t like to talk about his head-coaching prospects while he was an assistant. He never courted the media and didn’t pontificate about being the first black coordinator in the SEC. Nor did he discuss the scary reality that his interracial marriage may have hurt his chances with the good-ol’-boy network of boosters and administrators.

Charlie’s Potential
“We beat the third-ranked team in the country and didn’t have a kid drafted,” Jurich said. “That says everything to me, and says everything you need to know about Charlie. We’re going to be able to see a lot of those great moments.”

Tom on Charlie
But the conference invitation assured Louisville of a national platform, a strong recruiting foothold in the Southeast and the stability that comes with bigger money and added exposure. Jurich now considers Louisville one of the country’s 10 best jobs, and while some of that may be local hyperbole, he certainly has flashed the fiscal resources to back it up: Strong now finds himself among the country’s 10 highest-paid coaches, at $3.7 million per year.

Charlie On Tom
That financial commitment expands to assistant coaches. Both Virginia Tech and USC tried to court offensive coordinator Shawn Watson in the offseason. He stayed at Louisville, agreeing to a two-year deal worth nearly $500,000 per season.

“It’s all about, is your AD or your university providing you with every resource possible to be successful?” Strong said. “Tom Jurich will.”

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