This morning Bobby Petrino spoke roughly for 7 minutes on the ACC Teleconference. Here are the some items addressed in the teleconference.

The biggest news of the teleconference was on Reggie Bonnafon. After the death of his father on Monday, it was announced that he will not make the trip to Florida International as expected.

“It’s something that caught his family off guard,” Petrino explained. “He is going to focus on his mom and family.”

The funeral for Reggie Bonnafon’s father will be on Saturday.

Petrino – like Offensive Coordinator Garrick McGee – said that yesterday was the best practice that Louisville has had since he’s been here.

“I was really encouraged by the way we came out and practiced yesterday,” He explained.

Lastly, Petrino addressed Devante Parker in the injury he’s currently rehabbing from. I explained that Devante Parker was a ‘little ahead’ of schedule in regards to getting out the boot and into shoe, like he did this week.

“We miss that production,” Petrino said of Parker. “He’s a magnificent player.”

Full Audio Here:

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