Louisville plays two types of Tight Ends and in various ways. The H-Back, the Marshon Ford, type and the position that is labeled the Tight End is the more traditional role of the TE.

Tight End

  • Dez Melton 6-3, 240, R-Soph.
  • Francis Sherman 6-3, 237, R-Soph.

Louisville asks a lot of its tight ends. Dez Melton caught 3 passes last year for an impressive 80 yards. Francis Sherman is always in the mix on the field.

Who We Are Watching: I’d keep an eye out for Victor Mullen who has great size. Also new freshman Nate Kurisky had a bunch of high level offers that suggest he will factor at this spot at some point.


  • Marshon Ford 6-2, 240, R-Jr.
  • Duane Martin 6-2, 255, Soph.
  • Isaac Martin 6-1, 251, R-Sr

Marshon Ford is the unquestioned leader of this group. Ford led the Cards in receiving with 49 catches and 550 yards in 2021. Marshon and Malik Cunningham’s chemistry is easy to recognize. Isaac Martin is a consistent performer and an elite blocker from this position. Personally, I’m a huge Duane Martin fan, tremendous athleticism and I always feel like he is sitting on something bigger.

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