Statistically this game is a mis-match when comparing Louisville to Temple.  The Cards are 7th in the nation in scoring and 14th in yardage per game, while the Owls are 71st in Scoring Defense and 122nd in Yards Allowed.   Temple has allowed 470 yards (310 passing) to Idaho, 520 yards to Fordham (320 passing), 524 yards to Houston (305 passing), and 543 yards to Notre Dame.  Considering that Louisville averages 511.5 yards per game and Temple is currently allowing 516.3 yards per game I think we can guess how this game will go.

Teddy Bridgewater is by far the best QB that they Owls will face in 2013, and Temple has already been a 123rd (of 125) in Passing Defense during 2013.  Conversely on defense the Cards are one of the best defensive teams in the nation (1st in Scoring, 3rd in Total, 2nd in Passing, and 9th in Rushing), while Temple ranks in the lower third of ever offensive category (109th in Scoring, 94th in total, 93rd in Passing, and 73rd in Rushing).

Temple with those abysmal numbers actually is a pretty good 3rd down team on Offense, converting 43.55% of their 3rd downs.  They also pass much more and their offense is much less predictable than a year before.  Louisville is 2nd in the nation at preventing 3rd down conversions so something will have to give in this regard.

Temple doesn’t utilize the middle much in their passing game in an attempt to free up their running attack.  Expect for the Owls to try and execute some quick throws a few yards beyond the tackle box towards the sideline and try to “nickel & dime” their way down the field.  I expect Louisville will oblige them and do what they can to not give up the big play and wait for Temple to make a mistake.

When Louisville has the ball, I don’t expect Temple to do much to stop the Cards.  I think Teddy will play 2.5 quarters and the numbers will be rather large.  This is not a game where Louisville should punt more than twice with the starters in.

Louisville & Temple vs. their Opponent Averages

The below chart shows what Louisville & Temple do offensively and defensively to their opponents’ relative to their average.  For example, Ohio averages 386 yards per game.  The Cards allowed just 273 yards in that game, a deviation of -113,  and a total of just 70.73% of the Bobcats average.

As you can see Louisville has not yet allowed an opponent to exceed their offensive average, and has gained more than their opponents have allowed on the season.

Total Offense Louisville Allowed vs. Deviation from Avg. % Gained of Avg Allowed
Ohio 386 273 -113 70.73%
Kentucky 410.8 376 -34.8 91.53%
FIU 150 30 -120 20.00%
Total Defense Louisville Gained vs. Deviation from Avg. % Gained of Avg Allowed
Ohio 423.5 615 191.5 145.22%
Kentucky 375.8 492 116.2 130.92%
FIU 444.8 464 19.2 104.32%
Total Offense Temple Allowed vs. Deviation from Avg. % Gained of Avg Allowed
Notre Dame 380.2 543 162.8 142.82%
Houston 534 524 -10 98.13%
Idaho 376.4 470 93.6 124.87%
Total Defense Temple Gained vs. Deviation from Avg. % Gained of Avg Allowed
Notre Dame 364 362 -2 99.45%
Houston 407 300 -107 73.71%
Idaho 498 410 -88 82.33%
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