Louisville brought the style points against a very poor offensive Boston College team, but let’s examine both sides of the ball and how efficiently they played. One thing that jumped out immediately to me is how consistent the offense has been all year and there is not a steady improvement over the last 3 games. Compare this to last year 15and you will see much more up and down where they would have a really good offensive game, followed by a very poor one.

Regarding the defensive numbers, Louisville played a great defensive game, holding Boston College to 3.34 yards per carry. While on first glance this number seems very good, the analytics indicate that the performance was only mediocre. I attribute this to Boston College being so incredibly bad on offense that was ranked #123 nationally. With that being said, there is a lot less room for error and I believe that the numbers are slightly skewed at both the very bottom and very top of the range. Regardless, it still gives us a general idea so we will continue to use it.













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