Note changes:

Malik Cunningham listed 10 lbs lighter

Yaya Diaby up 15 lbs

Benjamin Perry up 42 lbs!

Josh Minks up 17 lbs.

Kenderick Duncan down 19 lbs

Caleb Banks up 38 lbs!

Luke Kandra and Trevor Reid both up 22 lbs.

Adonis Boone down 22 lbs

Jared Dawson up 17 lbs

Dez Tell up 19 lbs.

2022NameHtWtPostClassChanges Note
0Derrick Edwards5-10177DBFr.added 8 lbs
0Tyler Hudson6-2197WRJr.added to roster
1Momo Sanogo6-1227LBR-Sr.added to roster, removed Jordan Watkins
2Khalib Johnson6-2210QBFr.added to roster
2Chandler Jones5-10186DBSr.
3Malik Cunningham6-1190QBR-Sr.-10 lbs
4Braden Smith5-10192WRJr.
5Marshon Ford6-2240TER-Jr.changed # from 83
5Josh Minkins6-2196DBSophadded 17 lbs, changed # from 25
6Evan Conley6-2212QBJr.-3 lbs
6Yaya Diaby6-4270DLSr.added 15 lbs
7Tiyon Evans5-11210RBJr.added to roster
7Monty Montgomery5-11220LBSr.-5 lbs
9Ashton Gillotte6-2265DLSophadded 3 lbs
9Ahmari Huggins-Bruce5-10163WRSophadded 3 lbs
10Benjamin Perry6-2212LBSophadded 42 lbs, changed to LB
10Dee Wiggins6-3195WRJr.added to roster
11Josh Johnson5-11187WRGr.
12Devaughn Mortimer5-11178WRFr.added to roster
13Kei’Trel Clark5-10180DBJr.
14Marvin Dallas6-1190LBSr.-5 lbs
15Jalen Mitchell5-10214RBSoph-7 lbs
15Kameron Wilson6-2228LBSoph.added 8 lbs
17Jackson Hamilton6-0219LBR-Fr.added 17 lbs
17Nathan McElroy6-2195QBSoph
18Rance Conner5-10186DBSophadded 8 lbs
19Brock Domann6-2227QBJr.added 2 lbs, switched to #19
19Popeye Williams6-3230OLBFr.added to roster
20Victoine Brown6-4241DLR-Fr.added 11 lbs
21removed Aidan Robbins from roster
22Yasir Abdullah6-1235LBSr.
23KJ Cloyd6-2221LBJr.added 6 lbs
23Trevion Cooley5-10211RBSoadded 11 lbs
24Jaylin Alderman6-1226LBSo.added 11 lbs
25D’Angelo Hutchinson6-3185DBFr.added to roster
25Jawhar Jordan5-10180RBR-So-6 lbs
26MJ Griffin6-1210SSoadded to roster
27Kenderick Duncan6-3206DBR-Sr.-19 lbs
28Trey Franklin5-10180DBJr.
30Shavrick Williams6-0185SJr.
31Zach Edwards6-3265DLR-So
32Ryheem Craig6-3220DLR-Fr.added 10 lbs
32James Turner6-0205KJr.added 9 lbs
34TJ Quinn6-0225LBR-Fr.added 3 lbs
36Jatavian Churchill5-11172WRSo-12 lbs
37Jaylen Williams6-1190DBSo.
38Drew Brenowitz5-10210LBSr.
39Justin Brummett6-0192LSSo
40Darius Jones5-11180DBR-Fr.
40Brock Travelstead6-1203KSo.-11 lbs
41Isaac Martin6-1251TER-Sr.added 1 lb
41Ramon Puryear6-3268DLR-Sophadded 13 lbs
42Josh Lifson6-3230TER-Fr.
42Allen Smith6-2230LBR-So
43Jack Reiger6-1225LBSo
44Selah Brown6-2250DTFr.added to roster
44Dorian Jones6-0235LBR-Sophadded 5 lbs
44Francis Sherman6-3237TER-Soph
45Duane Martin6-2255TESophadded 8 lbs
45Seth Pugh6-2200DBSophadded 15 lbs
46Darrian Bell6-0222LBSophadded 2 lbs
46Blake Nelson6-5250TER-Fr.added 1 inch, added 30 lbs
47Ian Maloney6-2205LBSoph
47William Parr6-3225TESoph-10 lbs
49Mark Vassett6-4220PSophadded 5 lbs
50Yirayah LaNier6-2245DLSoph
51Austin Collins6-3283OLSophadded 13 lbs
54Caleb Banks6-7303DLR-Fr.added 38 lbs
55Caleb Chandler6-4300OLR-Sr.-13 lbs
56Renato Brown6-4317OLR-Soadded 8 lbs
61Bryan Hudson6-4310OLR-Jr.
63Max Cabana6-6292OLR-Jr.added to roster
65Izaiah Reed6-6295OGFradded to roster
67Luke Kandra6-4314OLSophadded 22 lbs
68Michael Gonzalez6-4305OLSophadded 14 lbs
70Trevor Reid6-5307OLSr.added 22 lbs
71Joshua Black6-2294OLR-Soph
72Emmanual Sowders6-4272OLSr.
74Adonis Boone6-5295OLSr.-22 lbs
75Aaron Gunn6-4312OLR-Fr.added 7 lbs
76Travis Taylor6-3285OLSoph
77Kobe Baynes6-4293OLJr.
79Makhete Gueye6-7270OTFr.added to roster
80Chris Bell6-2220WRFr.added to roster
81Christian Henry6-1185WRR-Fr.
82Victor Mullen6-7240TER-Fr.
83Chance Morrow6-6200WRFr.
84Dez Melton6-3240TER-So
85Nate Kurisky6-3225TEFr.
85Bradley West5-9175WRR-Fr.
86Elijah Downing6-3196WRR-Fr.
87Christian Pedersen6-3230TER-Fr.
88Jaelin Carter6-2208WRSr.-7 lbs
91Tawfiq Thomas6-4325DLFr.added to roster
92Henry Bryant5-11277DLSo.added 2 lbs, changed from #8
93Jared Dawson6-1275DLR-Fr.added 17 lbs
93Brady Hodges6-1198KSoadded 18 lbs
95Mason Reiger6-4254DLSoadded 4 lbs
96RJ Sorensen6-3250DLR-Fr.added 8 lbs
99Dez Tell6-1285DLSophadded 19 lbs
Maurice Turner5-10180RBFr.added to roster

Signees Not Yet Listed:

Jeremiah Caldwell, Safety from Belleville, MI.

Antonio Watts, Safety from Columbus, GA

Transfers Not Yet Listed:

Jermayne Lole, DT from Arizona State

Quincy Riley, CB from Middle Tennessee State

Jalen Alexander, Safety, Duke

Jarvis Brownlee, CB, Florida State

Nicario Harper, Safety from Southern Miss

Shai Kochav, Long Snapper from Arkansas State

We will update when the expected additions are officially added.

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