40 Time: 

Kyle Shortridge 4.88
Chris Williams 4.89
Drew Bailey 4.94
Big Skill  
Malin Jones 4.50
LJ Scott 4.51
Jeremy Smith 4.54
Cornelius Sturghill 4.20
Jaire Alexander 4.33
Traveon Samuel 4.35
Devontre Parnell 4.38
Reggie Bonnafon 4.38
James Quick 4.39
Jamari Staples 4.39
Lamar Jackson 4.42

Bobby Petrino talks about striving to be the fastest team in the ACC.  It’s not all about the 40 time, but it is a great start!

The *FAST* group known as the “Skill” group recorded some unbelievable times with 7 times under 4.4.  The most unbelievable metric here is that there are 7 players on Louisville’s Football team faster than Lamar Jackson.  Every time listed here would be in the Top 13 in the NFL Combine so we’ll see if these numbers convert on the field.  Cornelius Sturghill at 4.20 would be the fastest Combine time since at least 2006 (maybe ever).

All 3 Louisville Running Backs that were top performers for the Cardinals in this year’s testing would have placed in the Top 15 of the 40 at the 2016 NFL Combine.  The big surprise was big bodied Malin Jones leading the Big Skill group.

Kyle Shortridge’s 40 time would have been just outside the Top 15 performers at the 2016 NFL combine.


Lukayus McNeil 34.5
Khalil Hunter 32.0
Toriano Roundtree 31.5
Drew Bailey 31.0
Big Skill  
Jeremy Smith 38.5
Charles Standberry 38.0
Cole Hikutini 36.5
Reggie Bonnafon 43.5
Jamari Staples 40.5
Devontre Parnell 39.0
Cornelius Sturghill 39.0

It’s possible that the 40 times may have had someone with a quick trigger, but there is no fudging Vertical Jump numbers.

Reggie Bonnafon’s 43.5″ vertical is a University of Louisville record besting DeVante Parker’s 41″.  Additionally Reggie’s 43.5″ would be the 5th best total in the Vertical at the NFL Combine since 2006.

Jamari Staples’s 40.5″ would have finished 7th this year at the Combine over all players.

Jeremy Smith’s 38.5″ would have been #3 among Running Backs at the 2016 Combine. Charles Standberry’s 38.0″ would be #1 among Tight Ends & Cole Hikutini’s 36.5″ would have been #2.

Broad Jump: 

Broad Jump
Drew Bailey 9’9”
Lukayus McNeil 9’1”
Kyle Shortridge 9’1”
Big Skill
Henry Famurewa 10’4”
Cole Hikutini 10’3”
Jeremy Smith 9’11”
Jamari Staples 10’11”
Gio Pascascio 10′ 10”
Cornelius Sturghill 10′ 9”
Ja’Quay Savage 10′ 7”

Jamari Staples 10’11” would have been #7 in the NFL Combine in 2016 among all other players.  Gio Pascascio would be #8 at 10’10”, and Cornelius Sturghill would have been 10’9″.

Among Linebackers Henry Famurewa’s 10’4″ would have been 4th among Linebackers at the 2016 NFL Combine.   Drew Bailey’s 9’9″ would have been #12 among D-Lineman (behind just Sheldon Rankins) Cole Hikutini’s 10’3″ would have been 2nd among Tight Ends, Jeremy Smith’s 9’11” would have been 13th among Running Backs. Lukayus McNeil’s 9’1″ would have been 8th among OL.


*Below* None of the measurements below have an NFL Combine equivalent.  But the numbers are impressive

Hang Clean: 

Hang Clean  
Lukayus McNeil 325.0
DeAngelo Brown 320.0
Kiola Mahoni 315.0
Kyle Shortridge 315.0
Big Skill  
Cole Hikutini 360.0
Isaac Stewart 340.0
Charles Standberry 325.0
Stacy Thomas 325.0
JaQuay Savage 335
Josh Harvey-Clemons 325
Dee Smith 325.0


Chris Williams 565.0
Lukayus McNeil 550.0
Kyle Shortridge 540.0
Big Skill  
Jeremy Smith 600.0
Isaac Stewart 565.0
Micky Crum 550.0
Keith Kelsey 550.0
Stacy Thomas 550.0
Devontre Parnell 570.0
Traveon Samuel 505.0
Dee Smith 505.0
Ja’Quay Savage 500.0
John Stitch 500.0

Bench Max: 

DeAngelo Brown 510.0
Khalil Hunter 420.0
Tobijah Hughley 410.0
De’Asian Richardson 405.0
Big Skill
LJ Scott 395.0
Finesse Middleton 395.0
Malin Jones 390.0
Zykiesis Cannon 350.0
Ja’Quay Savage 330.0
Josh Harvey-Clemons 325.0
Chucky Williams 320.0

Louisville Football: 2016 Testing Week Begins from Ville Films on Vimeo.

Louisville Football: 2016 Testing Week Day 3 from Ville Films on Vimeo.

Louisville Football: 2016 Testing Week Day 4 from Ville Films on Vimeo.

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