The 2016 Louisville Football recruiting class has started to make their way to UofL. Below you will find a list of players and when they expect to leave for/arrive on campus.


Enrolled/On Campus

Ronald Walker: 6’2”, 205lb Cornerback.

Chris Williams: 6’1”, 285lb Defensive Tackle.

Kordell Slater: 6’5”, 250lb Defensive End.


Robbie Bell: 6’5”, 285lb Offensive Lineman. (Arrived in town, moves in Sunday)

Derek Dorsey: 6’3”, 275lb Defensive Lineman.

Austin Johnson: 6’2”, 190lb Punter. (Move in Monday morning)

Tabarius Peterson: 6’3”, 238lb Linebacker (Arrives Sunday)

Dez Fitzpatrick: 6’2, 189lb- Wide Receiver (Leaves Sunday morning)

Caleb Tillman: 6’3”, 270lb Defensive Lineman. (Arrived in town, moves in Sunday)

Michael Boykin: 6’6”, 255lb Defensive Lineman (After June 15th)

Seth Dawkins: 6’3”, 195lb Safety/Defensive Back (Arrives Monday)

Austin Cummins: 6’5”, 230lb Tight End

Malik Staples: 6’1”, 205lb Running Back (Currently on the way as of Saturday afternoon)

Dae Williams: 6’2”, 232lb Running Back (leaving Saturday night)

Jawon Pass: 6’4”, 209lb Quarterback.

P.J. Blue: 6’2”, 210lb Linebacker

Chris Taylor-Yamanoha: 6’2”, 190lb Wide Receiver/Defensive Back (June 4th)

Lamarques Thomas: 6’0”, 179lb Safety (Will leave for Louisville Sunday evening)

Tobias Little: 6’0”, 234lb Linebacker (Sunday)

London Iakopo– 6’0″, 215lb Safety

Gary McCrae 6’5, 245lb – Outside Linebacker

Malik Williams– 6’3″, 215lb Running Back (July 6th)

Keion Wakefield: 5’9”, 170lb Wide Receiver (Arrives Sunday)

Linwood Foy: 6’4″, 285lb Offensive Lineman (Can’t leave until summer class grade is posted, July 9th-July 12th)

Ethan Adams: 6’3″, 240lb Defensive End/Linebacker (Starts Tuesday)

Kyle Goss: 6’2″, 265lb Longsnapper (Sunday morning)

Austin Laszewski: 6’4″, 175lb Kicker (Sunday afternoon)

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