Now that we have 7 games under our belt, I feel comfortable establishing the rules of the Louisville Basketball Drinking Game for the 2013-14 season.  We had a lot of fun last year hearing your stories through Louisville’s quest for the 2013 National Championship and we look forward to hearing more of the same this season all the way through Dallas.  Please enjoy this game responsibly.  Cheers!


Before the game begins, you must conduct a player “draft.” You’re responsible for draft order. Drafters choose from one of the SIX following players: Chris Jones, Russ Smith, Wayne Blackshear, Luke Hancock, Chane Behanan, and Montrezl Harrell. If you have more than SIX people you may choose a player that has already been chosen (two people may have the same player). Don’t worry about the reserve players. They’ll come into play later on.


All of Section II is specific to your drafted starting player.

Scoring Rule:

  • Drink one (1) for every point your drafted player scores (E.g., You drafted Behanan and he makes a layup – drink two; or, you drafted Russ and he makes a 3-pointer – drink three, one for free throws). Always remember that these drinks are not meant to be a burden. It’s a celebration. We just freaking scored.

Superpower Rule:

Each starter has a SUPERPOWER. This superpower is specific to only that player. When your drafted player uses his superpower in the course of the game, you give drinks out instead of take them. The individual superpowers are as follows:

  • Chris Jones: Every time Jones attempts a crazy shot (good or bad), give out two (2) drinks to anyone in the room. Give them the Pitino stare down until they finish their drinks.
  • Russ Smith: If Russdiculous makes anyone in the room say “Noooo, Yes!!!!” during a Russ moment give out five (5) drinks.  Make sure to say, “Every Day I’m Russelin’ ” to the individual receiving the drinks.  “I’m a Rustler Baby!” is also acceptable. Any of the parties saying, “Noooo….Yes!” on a successful Russ Smith basket must buy Waffle House for the group after the game and will be referred to as “Sugar Grits” until the clock reaches 0:00.
  • Chane Behanan: Each time Chane makes a “hustle play” (e.g., takes a charge, attempts a charge, flops, drops, dives, scrambles, or gives out multiple rebounds),give out three (3) drinks to anyone in the room. Indicate that you are distributing the drinks to the other players by blowing kisses & winking in their direction.  Also if Behanan gets to the foul line and makes BOTH,  you must finish your bottle.
  • Luke Hancock:  Missed 3-pointers by Hancock must be ‘booed’ by fellow players.  But when Luke splashes his 3s, put 3 fingers to your dome and and distribute five (5) drinks to your fellow players.  Feel Free to add in applicable ‘Star Wars’ quotes while distributing.
  • Wayne Blackshear: Each Blackshear jumper attempted allows you to give out two (2) drinks. If he makes the basket, give out three (3) drinks. Distribute the drinks by throwing fast food wrappers. 1 wrapper=1 drink.  NOTE: You must watch the game standing in the corner of the room.
  • Montrezl Harrell:  For every Montrezl Harrell dunk & block shot give out two (2) drinks. While distributing you must enunciate the letter “L” on the end of name of the person to which you are granting the drinks.  Failure to do so will result in you being responsible for the consumption of the ill-distributed libations.
Universal Player Rules
These rules are to be followed by everyone playing. 
Kevin Ware: Any steal from Ware that leads to a Cardinal dunk take three (3) drinks. Follow consumption by a ridiculous dance that the entire room must complete before returning to play.
Terry Rozier:  For every Rozier assist or made 3-pointer take three (3) drinks.  You must complete the drinks unusually fast and with an especially flamboyant amount of flair.
Stephan Van Treese: Whenever “Big Hustle” sets a screen that leads to a basket OR gets an offensive put back take one (1) long waterfall drink starting with the player responsible for the last applicable Cardinal that scored in your particular game at home (example you start the waterfall if Russ scored and Russ is your player).  Once completed the room should simultaneously say, “S. V. T.”
Mangok Mathiang:  Every time the Mangok has a blocked shot, take three (3) drinks. Rub it in by giving the nearest player the Dikembe Mutombo finger wag with a deep taunting laugh and refer to them as a type of fruit.  You will need a different type of fruit for each block, duplicate fruit usage results in a penalty of an additional five (5) drinks.

Special Individual Player Rules: (Rare individual player rules)

These are rare instances that your drafted player may play a part in during the course of a game. Watch for these both for your player and other players in the room.

  • Technical Foul: Drink 10 if your drafted player gets a technical foul. Also punch your neighbor and give him or her 10 as well (don’t need to inflict real pain, but it’s your world). You may spread these 10 around the room if you’d prefer.  If Karl Hess “T’s” up Pitino for yelling at a Cardinal, FINISH THE BOTTLE.
  • Posterized: If your drafted player posterizes another team’s player, give out 5 drinks to the room. If you get up and re-enact the play, give out 15. If player gets technical while giving the stare down make sure to add drinks from technical foul rule.
  • Career High: If your drafted player achieves a career high in points, you can give out drinks to the room up to that total (e.g., if any player bests his career high by scoring 29 points, you give out 29 drinks).


Everyone in the room will take part in the following rules. These are meant to be community rules and are separate from the individual drafted player rules.

Block/Charge Rule:

  • If they televise a slow motion replay of a block/charge, you have the option of doing a 10-second waterfall or getting up and doing a reenactment with your neighbor.  If you choose the latter, have no regard for the coffee table, drink, or your neighbors that live below you.

Injury Rule:

  • If a Louisville player is injured during a game and they are deemed out for the remainder of the game by the television crew (or radio) get out the bourbon and finish the bottle as a group.

Sure Dunks Dropped Out of Bounds (looking at you Chane) Rule: 

  • When a Cardinal has a clear line to the basket and drops the pass out of bounds instead of collecting the ball for a dunk, drink five (5).

The Unnecessary Power Dribble Rule: 

  • Each time a player uses the power dribble unnecessarily underneath the basket, drink five (5).

IV. RESERVE RULES: (Gill, Agau, Levitch, & Hendo)

  • If any of the above mentioned players enter the game in the first half of play, everyone drink ten (10) for each. If they enter the game in the second half, everyone drink five (5).
  • If any of these four players score at any point in the game, everyone drink the amount equal to the points scored (E.g., Gill hits a 3-pointer, everyone drink 3).
  • If any of these players miss a dunk, finish your drink.

*Rule Changes*: This is supposed to be FUN!  Change the rules at your party to fit your group, let us know what works & what doesn’t.  DESIGNATE A DRIVER & GO CARDS!!!!

V. TWITTER Participation

  • Send me @UofLSheriff50 pictures of your group playing this game.Especially good examples will be retweeted, and if yours is RT’d give out twenty (20) drinks courtesy of me.
  • In Years Past players have printed out lamented rules and some have even created huge boards to play.  We definitely want to see those if you make them.

Please enjoy this game responsibly.  ALWAYS designate a driver and understand your limits.

Yellow Taxi: 636-5511

Green Cab: 635-6400

Ready Cab: 451-4114

City Scoot: 566-6384

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