Kyle Kuric’s father Steve posted a message to Facebook on Sunday.  From Steve Kuric:

‘Well today has been a calmer day for Kyle.  He has improved some since yesterday’s surgery.  Kyle’s surgeon has been in to see him twice today and he is more optimistic with the situation today.  Caution is still present, however, as Kyle is still critical as he requires intensive medical treatment and ventilator support.  The medical team will continue close observation over the next couple of days.  We are extremely grateful for the care that Kyle has received here at the hospital.  We have more faith that Kyle will get better.  We are humbled by all of the overwhelming support and love for Kyle.  Please continue praying for him.  Thank you all so very much.’

Kyle sister Katie also posted a message yesterday via the UofL FCA page that Kyle had bone removed to give the swelling room.

Kyle Kuric went to a Barcelona hospital for a migraine headache when the tumor was discovered.  Kyle has been in Barcelona playing for the Spanish Gran Canaria club.

The tumor is described as a Meningioma.  Meningiomas are a diverse set of tumors arising from the meninges, the membranous layers surrounding the central nervous system. They arise from the arachnoid “cap” cells of the arachnoid villi in the meninges. These tumors usually are benign in nature; however, a small percentage are malignant.

#WeAreWithYou Kyle.


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