The term JUCO often carries a negative connotation.  Players land in JUCO for many reasons, but it’s not WHY a player lands in junior college that should be the determining factor of a kid’s worth or their future.  Rather that determination should come from HOW they choose to utilize that opportunity to further their goals and aspirations. For Strong Side Defensive End and 2018 Cardinal Commit(#Birdgang18) Jared Goldwire his JUCO path has been the epitome of a player taking full advantage of the JUCO opportunity.

On and off the field, Goldwire has elected to focus on learning how to mature as a player and as a person. recently caught up with Goldwire to get an update on the defensive lineman commit. In his last semester at Fort Scott C.C. an hour and a half directly south of Kansas City, KS, Goldwire has learned how to become a student of discipline and of faith.

“Just being able to play in the JUCO league I play in, there is a lot of competition and dudes who go off to play college ball somewhere bigger. JUCO’s helped me get a feel to know how it would be playing against dudes who are going D1. I have a lot of friends who play JUCO, or did and they always say it makes you mature faster and I agree with them. JUCO turns you into a man! I had to learn how to find a way to balance college classes with football and social activities and it was a true struggle; first semester especially with it being my first season also. 2nd semester definitely was smoother because of all the trials I went through 1st semester.”

And find a way he did! Finishing last semester with a 3.8 GPA, which currently boosts his cumulative GPA at the moment to a 3.2. He’s working even harder this last semester in the classroom, striving to position himself for success for when he arrives at UofL in January ‘18 for the Spring Semester with some lofty goals ahead. “I’m hoping to have it (cumulative GPA) at a 3.4 by the time I leave Fort Scott. I just want a high enough GPA so I can dual major in business at UofL.”

Coming in contact with UofL D-Line Coach L.D. Scott right after the end of last season, Goldwire “Absolutely knew nothing about Louisville besides the fact that is where (The Greatest) Muhammad Ali was from.”

Visiting last month, Goldwire knew he had found the perfect fit to continue his academic acumen and football career as be quickly committed once he got back to Fort Scott C.C. from his visit to UofL. “Meeting the players on the team, especially the D-Line, it was nothing but love from each and every one of them. It felt great to be around that group.” The family feeling and unity didn’t stop there for Goldwire as he now keeps in constant contact with the other commits of the #Birdgang18 class. He also hears regulary from Coach L.D. Scott, UofL Defensive Coordinator Peter Sirmon and LBs Coach Cort Dennison. “Basically we talk about how many opportunities I have at UofL and that basically the starting spot is mine to lose. My expectations are to go and start and be one of the best defensive lineman in the ACC I believe that is what the coaches expect.”

Before Goldwire is to arrive on campus in January he’s still got another football season at Fort Scott to complete. His 2016 campaign “was good,” but it was ultimately cut short of being better as he suffered a torn ACL in early November. Productive nonetheless, he finished his 2016 campaign with 46 tackles, 11.5tfl and 2.5 sacks.

When asked about getting back on the field and what he’s doing to prepare for his final season at Fort Scott C.C. Jared replied, “My stats would’ve been better if I would’ve been able to continue to play I think. This season I want to show I can still move and do the things I used to be able to, but better than before I tore my ACL and also stay positive throughout all aspects of the season.”

With a strong drive and a positive attitude, he continues to rehab relentlessly with the goal to play this upcoming season since having reconstructive surgery the week of Thanksgiving 2016. “My knee is feeling tremendous while doing drills. I’m doing a lot of cardio to try and build back my muscular endurance and currently some field cutting and I’ve been in the weight room. I’ve also been working with people to help better my pass rush, working hips and multiple hand fighting drills.”

Ultimately though it may be Goldwire’s faith in his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that has helped him through one of his toughest times and it’s his faith he used as a beacon to help him keep a positive outlook. Tweeting recently “One of the greatest moments of my life,” Goldwire chose to get baptized, lean on his faith to help him through the fire of his recent trials and tribulations. “Knowing I have the Lord with me each and every day through every circumstance is truly a blessing. I know the Lord’s going to guide me into having a healthy season and a great season as long as I keep praising him and giving him thanks. It was a HUGE moment for me not just mentally, but especially spiritually! I just felt like all the signs were pointing to me getting baptized. I’ve been wanting to get a baptism done, but only if it was the right time. I was praying on it and I felt like God finally wanted me to get the baptism done, so mentally, I’m fine as long as I know the Lord is with me.”

It’s Jared’s faith, positive mindset, trust in the process, maturation as a person and hard work that Goldwire has to thank for his good standing now and the change in scenery to come in just a few shorts months when he arrives on UofL’s campus. “UofL is a great school with great academics, an amazing atmosphere in the city and the future for the football team is tremendous.” “I want the fans to know that I believe I bring a leadership quality, I see myself as an immediate impact player who brings a great run stop ability. I can’t wait to play on Saturdays, bring home an ACC Championship and a College Football Playoff Championship!!!”

Jared Goldwire will be a mid-year player who reports to campus in January and eligible to compete Spring of 2018. You can follow him on Twitter @Baby_Goldwire

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