Rodjay Burns



Height- 6’2”

Weight- 180lbs

40 yard dash- 4.4

Bench/Squat- 265/395



Hometown- Louisville

High School/Junior College- Trinity High School

Age- 18

Twitter-  @NextBig_Thing10



24/7 Composite rating: 0.8529, 3*, #71 ranked DB.


Stats: 44 receptions, 744 yards, 14 TD’s, 20 tackles, 4 int’s


Q & A:

What position were you recruited to play?



What makes you a good football player?

I am a versatile player. I can player anywhere you put me, no matter the circumstances I’m going to get the job done , I’m always going to win at the line, in my mind I’m the strongest there is no matter what side the ball I’m on, and it’s very important to be smart and athletic at the same times it helps out a lot.


Who recruited you and why did you choose UofL?

Coach Klenakis. I chose UofL because of the school and how they have one of the best programs in what I want to major in, and it’s a great football team.



What should we know about who you are off the football field (family, achievements, talents, hobbies, etc.)?

I have 15 brothers and sisters



What do you plan on majoring in and what are your long term career goals?

Majoring in the medical field



What is your favorite?

Professional Athlete- Dez Bryant

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