Austin Todd Johnson


Height– 6’2”

Weight– 190lbs

40 yard dash– 4.8

Bench/Squat– 245/ 365


Hometown– Louisville, Kentucky

High School/Junior College– St. Francis of DeSales High School

Age– 18

Accolades– All State Punter- 2014/ All-District Punter and Kicker- 2014, 2015/ All-District Quarterback- 2015

Twitter– @todd_johnson16 


3rd punter in the state

16th quarterback in the state 



106 Carries for 738 yards and 9 rushing touchdowns


87-184 for 1420 yards and 13 passing touchdowns


Average Hang: 4.3

YPP: 39.0

Longest Punt: 67 yards

Q & A:

What position were you recruited to play?

I was recruited to play punter and placeholder for the University of Louisville. 

What makes you a good football player? (Brag about yourself, tell us what we should expect. Speed, power, smarts, etc.)

My exposure to football at such a young age is definitely a big contender in my skills on the field. I can look back and remember watching film with my dad when I was still playing little league. I started out kicking in my front yard at age seven. Throughout my years of practicing with a team, punting and kicking was never an emphasis during practice. Therefore, I had to put in extra time after practice and attend multiple camps throughout the summers in order to perfect my craft. The fact that I always had to push myself to put in the extra work every day molded me into the football player I am today. 

Who recruited you and why did you choose UofL?

A couple coaches were involved in the process of my recruitment process, but the main coach who showed me what the University of Louisville had to offer was Dave Boller. He was only a part of the Louisville family for about 3 weeks, but I could already just feel his love for the program which is honestly the reason why I chose to commit the day I received my scholarship. This school just feels like home to me and being ten minutes away from campus just makes it that much sweeter. 

What should we know about who you are off the football field (family, achievements, talents, hobbies, etc.)?

I am a family oriented person. God and family always come first, and I am extremely thankful for the family he has blessed me with and the opportunity to play the sport I love at the school I love. I am currently a member of the Varsity Archery team at DeSales High School. I always am singing even though I’m terrible at it. My work ethic is probably my greatest quality along with being a people-person. I am a very energetic person and I try my best to always make people smile. 

What do you plan on majoring in and what are your long term career goals?

I am leaning towards majoring in business. My long term career goal is to earn a degree from the University of Louisville, win a national championship and play in the National Football League. With that being said, the most important goal is to attain a college degree. 

What is your favorite?

Food- Crab Legs

Movie-A tie between Django and Billy Madison

Song- You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

Professional Athlete- Russell Wilson

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