NCAA Basketball: Louisville at DePaul

Louisville Head Coach Rick Pitino announced Thursday that Junior Forward Chane Behanan has been suspended from the Louisville Basketball team. He has moved out of the team’s dormitory and will not participate in team activities during the suspension.

“Chane Behanan is no longer a part of our basketball team. He has been suspended by the university,” Pitino said in a statement.

There have been various rumors flying through the Summer about the 6-6, 250 pound Junior from Cincinnati, who was named to All Final Four Team.

“It’s multiple things. Don’t ask me more about it because we’re not gonna tell you,” Pitino noted. “The decision ultimately came from [Athletic Director] Tom Jurich.”

It’s possible that Behanan returns the team but Pitino didn’t exactly give a favorable answer when asked about that possibility.

“Can he come back? We already set up a situation for him to come back, and already violated it,” Pitino said. “I don’t know.”

In absence of Behanan, Pitino announced that Junior Wayne Blackshear would start at the PF spot.

“I think we’re a legitimate 2, 3, 4 top team in the Country without Chane,” Pitino said. “You get to put Montrezl [Harrell] out there more.”

It’s truly unfortunate to see this happen to a player of his caliber, but frankly it’s not a surprise from those who follow the program closely. Pitino wouldn’t shy away from noting that he was concerned about Behanan’s ‘well-being’, leaving much speculation to exactly the reasoning behind the suspension. It’s also important to note that this is a suspension handed down from the University and not from the Louisville Basketball team. That being said, Behanan is still enrolled at UofL.

Here is the official press release from the School (Via Steve Andress of WDRB)


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