The #2 ranked Louisville Cardinals could drop in the polls before a single game is played.Star Power Forward Chane Behanan has been indefinitely suspended for a violation of team rules.

A little bird told me yesterday that he got in trouble. I feared that this would drop a hammer on Chane and Pitino did swiftly today.

Wayne Blackshear will play the 4, Luke likely the 3, and the cards went from thin to thinner on the front line. If you thought rebounding was an issue with Gorgui’s departure, get ready for a multiplying factor.

This is the part where we applaud Pitino and the University for not being “only about wins”.

Sometimes it hurts the team when they have to teach life lessons. It is entirely possible Chane may never play in a Louisville uniform again, which is a shame for someone with so much talent and Charm and growing up in a rough part of Cincinnati. He totally has an opportunity to change his families direction – if he can only get out of the way of his own progress.

Pitino called a return “possible but not likely”, since Chane has already failed a few times on a plan to get him back in good graces with the team for past transgressions.

Time to grow up Chane, and we all hope you do. Not just for wins, but because we all wish we had your talent for basketball. Hate to see anyone wasting talent like that.

We have a Hall of Fame coach that knows how to adapt. We will adapt. Without Chane, however, a repeat title looks like a long shot.

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