Lorenzo Mauldin & BJ Dubose

Today is the on-field workouts for Lorenzo Mauldin and BJ Dubose including the famous 40-yard Dash.  In addition this group will go through the 3-Cone Drill, Broad Jump, Vertical Jump, 20-yard Shuttle, & 60-yard Shuttle. As these players go through the drills we will update our chart (below) and we will add notes next to exemplary performances.

This group has been measured, had medical exams, media sessions, and a number of team interviews.  Yesterday the Wide Receivers and Running Backs did their bench press test of reps at 225.

NOTE: BJ Dubose was injured while running the 40-yard Dash and will not participate further in the combine.  Here is hoping that he will be OK to participate in Louisville’s Pro Day March 11th and in individual workouts leading up to the draft.  Video of Dubose’s can be found here.

Charles Gaines, Gerod Holliman, and James Sample

Yesterday this group was measured for height/weight/hand size/ and arm length, went through medical examinations, media sessions, and had more team interviews (see chart for measurements).

Today the Defensive Backs will undergo Psychological Testing, will meet with more teams for formal interviews, and do as many reps of 225 lbs on the bench press as possible.  We will post those results in our chart as the become available.

Jamon Brown, John Miller, Gerald Christian, Michael Dyer, DeVante Parker, and Dominique Brown

The Combine is over for these 6 Cardinals.  DeVante Parker solidified himself as a Top 15 selection during the combine. John Miller left the combine as a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Gerald Christian is expected to be taken in the 4th or 5th round.

The guys we still don’t have a great feel for are Jamon Brown (who was unable to participate in physical drills due to injury) and Michael Dyer and Dominique Brown.  Dyer did very well during the combine with his 40-time, his bench press, and his interviews and moved up the draft boards…..but how far?  Dominique Brown did not participate in the on field drills and teams will have to wait for his Pro Day at UofL before they get a solid feel for where they value Dominique in the draft.

Player Height Weight Arm Length Hand Size 40 Bench 3-Cone Broad Vertical 20-Yd Shuttle 60-Yard Shuttle
Jamon Brown 6’4” 323 34 3/8” 9 3/4”
John Miller 6’2” 303 33 1/4” 10 1/4” 5.33 *29 8.2 104.0” 27” 4.75
Gerald Christian 6’3” 244 32 1/2” *10 3/4” 4.87 *28 4.70 12.66
DeVante Parker 6’3” 209 33 1/4” 9 1/4” 4.45 *17 *125.0” 36.5”
Michael Dyer 5’8 218 30 5/8” 9 1/2” *4.58 *26 *120.0” 34.0”
Dominique Brown 6’2” 234 32 3/8” 9 1/2” 17
BJ Dubose 6’4” 284 33” 9 3/4” 5.06 *26
Lorenzo Mauldin 6’4” 259 33” 9 7/8” 4.85 *23 112.0″ 32.0″
Charles Gaines 5’10 180 31 3/8” 8 3/4”
Gerod Holliman 6’0 218 32” 9 1/2” *17
James Sample 6’2” 209 32” 9 1/2”

*Gerald Christian’s Hands are bigger than any Tight End at the 2014 Combine last year and are 2nd this year to UMASS’ Jean Sifrin who registered a hand measurement of 11″.

*Gerald Christian’s 28 reps on Bench Press is the Most for any Tight End at the 2015 Combine and the 2nd most in two seasons and the 5th best since 2008 (last 8 combines).

*Gerald Christian’s 40 time was the 8th Best at the 2015 Combine for Tight Ends.

*John Miller’s 29 reps on Bench Press is 7th for the 2015 Combine for OLineman.  His 104″ was 14th at the Combine for an OL.

*DeVante Parker’s 17 reps on Bench Press is 5th among Wide Receivers.

*DeVante Parker’s 125″ Broad Jump was the 6th Best among Wide Receivers at the Combine.

*Michael Dyer’s 26 reps on Bench Press is 2nd among Running Backs. It is also the 2nd most in the last two combines as well.

*Dyer’s 40 time was the 11th best among Running Backs at the NFL Combine.  His Broad Jump of 120″ is also 11th.

*BJ Dubose is listed as a Linebacker at the Combine (which I don’t believe he will play in the NFL) but his Bench Press number was the 6th best among Linebackers at the Combine.

*Lorenzo Mauldin’s 23 reps on Bench Press is the 13th best among Linebackers.

*Gerod Holliman’s 17 reps on Bench Press is the 7th most among Safeties at the Combine.

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