Yesterday Rick Pitino issued a blog about his frontcourt.  Today, Rick gives his thoughts on his backcourt.  Coach Pitino was very complimentary of Deng Adel, Donovan Mitchell & Quentin Snider in this entry.  You can read the entire entry by clicking here, or I have included the post fully below:


Our guards and wings have been very impressive with a strong work ethic and desire to improve.

Deng Adel — Quick and explosive. Has improved his jump shot with added height on his arc. Awesome attitude and a great teammate. Must learn to change pace and pass away from help defense. At 6-7 and being extremely long, his sophomore season should be special.

Donovan Mitchell — Has improved his jump shot immensely. His three-point shot is no longer flat and he has balance and proper arc. He is also a much improved passer. We’re trying to get him down in weight from 215 to 195. That would make him a better defender and develop a quicker first step on offense. Strong worker and like Deng, an awesome teammate.

Quentin Snider — Mr. Consistency. Floor general who has developed a reliable three-point shot. Improving on defense and great in transition. As a captain, he will make people better with his passing skills. The ball and team are in his court. I certainly believe he will shine in his junior season.

Tony Hicks — Just starting to get to know his game. Tough Chicago player with a strong work ethic. His game is much different than what I expected. I thought he was a spot up shooter, and he can score. We will change his jumper by moving the ball on the correct side of his head. This will improve his arc and make him an even better three-point shooter. Now for what’s a surprise: he’s a lighting quick defender. Blow-by guy on offense and has a great left hand. Will play both guard positions. We’re excited to have him.

Ryan McMahon — Shooting the ball extremely well and much more confident. Still has to keep his turnovers down, but he has definitely improved. Having a difficult time on defense, but is getting better. Because of his three-point shooting, he will definitely be an asset.

David Levitch — Much the same, except stronger and smarter. He has to develop a knock down three-point shot. Balance is his key to success. Fearless competitor and can be put into any situation.

Jay Henderson — Good size and quickness. Has to learn how to play in terms of ball movement and player movement, but he shoots it well. Passing is one aspect he must focus on.

V.J. King — Another young man with a super attitude. Like Deng and Donovan, he is an extremely humble young man. Good athlete with an excellent first step. Will see a lot of playing time as a freshman. Playing against Deng everyday will get him ready. We will focus on developing consistency with his jumper. He has the versatility to do many things with the ball. Really excited to have him.

Our non-conference schedule is extremely competitive and our conference schedule is incredible. When you add them together, it will be one wild and fun ride for our team and fans.

Congrats to Kelsi Worrell! So proud to see the Cardinal Bird on her cap. Headed to Rio with the second fastest time in the world this year!!! We are pumped Kelsi — have fun and Go Cards!

Coach P

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