With the revelation of the Louisville Football schedule, it seems the program has arrived. At one time, the school considered giving up the sport entirely. A few decades later and here it is……the opportunity that has been longed for. Countless hours, weeks, months, years, even decades are all converging at once. Every accomplishment and every victory for Louisville football has been earned. The reward is A CHANCE, and that is all Louisville has ever wanted. In my lifetime I have witnessed the football program rise to every occasion and as the goals have been reached, new ones have been set.

By now, most of us have had the opportunity to look at and analyze the expectations of the coming season. It’s hard to say how it will go on the field this early, but as the coaching staff and team prepares, I think it’s time for Louisville fans to prepare. If we want to be a part of a successful & relevant football fanbase the responsibility is ours. There were a lot of people who were offended by some comments made by the previous coaching staff regarding fan interaction. Though I did not agree entirely with the timing and the method of a few of those comments, they hurt because they were partially in truth.

Louisville has delivered. Now it is time for fans to deliver likewise. As a lifelong member of the fan base, I am well aware of the culture. While the culture is ours and good it’s time for some new goals to be met. I’m not a preacher and I didn’t bring my soapbox here, so there will be no treading the already covered ground. I think by now every one of us understands how important the fans are to the team’s success. The 12th man is very real and very important. Ask yourself what you can do to contribute to the likelihood that Louisville football will crush this opportunity. People are currently beating down the door at the ticket office and melting down the phone system there. There is no room anymore for the que sera, sera. We have an obligation to meet and we are ready. Louisville football has arrived…….have the fans?

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Drew is a lifelong Louisville fan and a career Military Aviator.

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