If you are looking for a teary eyed Senior night this year for Jeff Walz’s University of Louisville team, you won’t find it.  Not this year.  There are none.  As you glance over the official roster for this year’s team, you won’t find many players in the Junior class either.  There is one, redshirt Junior  Cortnee Walton.  This leaves the bulk of the leadership responsibilities to the Sophomore class.  It is a group that has proven quite capable, but there is no way to hide the fact that much of this Louisville team’s success will rest on the shoulders of the incoming Freshmen.

If relying on six first year players makes you nervous, that is understandable.  However, this team has a very strong batch of newcomers that should ease any concerns.  With the number one recruiting class in the nation, along with the return of redshirt Freshman Sydney Brackemyer, Jeff Walz has secured talent that many can only dream of.  Whether relying on the presence of Asia Durr in the backcourt, or Erin DeGrate in the low post, this class seems to have all of the necessary ingredients for a successful season.  Add in the returning Sophomores Myisha Hines-Allen and Mariya Moore, and you can understand the excitement that surrounds this Louisville squad.

Picked to finish 3rd in the ACC, this year’s team has loftier expectations.  Coach Walz did not shy away from those during the Tip-Off Luncheon two weeks ago when he said; “Our goal is to win National Championships.”  This year’s youth movement is followed up by next years class which is also currently ranked number one nationally.  This is not lost on Walz who remarked; “My second year we were 14-18 and ran all the same plays, so you have to have players.”

The Cardinal team will meet with the media this afternoon and thecrunchzone.com will have full coverage of the events.  Check back throughout the day for further updates.


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Keith Poynter

Keith Poynter graduated from the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law in May of 2011. While in law school, Keith studied Sports Law as well as other core curriculum. Prior to becoming an attorney, Keith worked in the insurance industry for 6 years, and was a police officer in both Kentucky and Tennessee for 6 years. As an avid sports fan, former basketball official and current youth sports coach, Keith is heavily involved in sports when not at work or with his family at the lake. Keith's diverse background makes him an excellent source for legal opinion about issues surrounding the sporting world. Whether the matter be criminal or contractual, Keith's unique experience and education allows him to offer insight that may be missed by the casual fan. Keith is available for commentary on any legal issues that may arise in the Kentuckiana area and will routinely post articles concerning local and national sports law topics.

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