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Wide Receivers

The Wide Receivers are probably the best unit offensively for the Cards.  The players that stand out the most this Spring are Jamari Staples, Traveon Samuel, Javonte Bagley, Emonee Spence and James Quick.  Staples is the clear #1 of the group and is playing like a guy that wants to make an ALL-ACC Team.  Spence, Bagley & Samuel appear to be sitting on a breakout season as we’ve witnessed all 3 make tremendous plays consistently in the sessions we were able to watch.  James Quick is listed here reluctantly……Quick makes great plays but also disappears for stretches.  Now that he’s a senior we’d like to demand a little more from James and hope that he demands a little more from himself.  That’s only because we believe James Quick can be a great player, if the thought was that he was average…we’d allow it.

One player that is really intriguing is Reggie Bonnafon.  As mentioned above Reggie is all over the place in practice but he’s consistently appeared as a wide receiver this Spring.  Bonnafon gets work both inside & outside and honestly he’s probably not going to be someone we can say: “He’s a ____”.  He’s just a football player and maybe a rare player that isn’t meant to specialize.

UofL has a wealth of talent at WR.  Proven by the fact that this is the first time these names are listed:

Devante Peete, Ja’Quay Savage, Jaylen Smith

Jaylen Smith has had a hand issue this Spring but has continued to fully participate.  Jaylen was 3rd in receiving for the Cards last year with 29 receptions and 376 yards.  Smith has what appears to be all of the physical tools to be a great receiver and did a nice job as a freshman.  So far this Spring though he’s not stood out like the group mentioned above.  Perhaps that is due to his hand.

Ja’Quay Savage has been wearing a yellow ‘non-contact’ jersey during practice and has made several very nice plays.  Devante Peete is someone with MAJOR potential and played last year right away as a true freshman.  Peete’s biggest issue so far is making the ‘almost’ incredible play.  Devante at some point is going to begin consistently making that type of play, but he’s not there yet. It’s just a matter of time.

The Cards Wide Receiver depth continues with Pat Thomas and Gio Pascascio. Pascascio has a ton of speed and walk-on Chris Miele also has proven capable as well.

Post-Spring Thoughts on Wide Receivers: Clearly Louisville has a ton of talent and numbers at WR.  It also appears that the classes are evenly balanced so that the Cards have a conveyor belt of top flight ball catching candidates.  The trouble is…..how do you keep everyone happy?  It’s a good problem to have and it will work itself out.  On top of that Louisville has some INCREDIBLE Wide Receivers incoming:  Seth Dawkins, Dez Fitzpatrick, Chris Taylor-Yamanoha, Keion Wakefield and Malik Williams (potential RB) all coming in.   The WR group is perhaps the best group of the 2016 recruiting class coming into the best position group already on the team at UofL.   It seems as if the AFROS are back.

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