** This is by far the most comfortable, most mature, and possibly most talented freshman class Pitino has had here at Louisville. While we wait until Adel comes back in order to see a bigger sample size of his game, Mitchell and Spalding know the offense, know the defense, and play with a tenacity you expect a UofL team to have. We haven’t even come close to the start of conference play and both Mitchell and Spalding have asserted themselves as major contributors to this team.

** To go along with the above thought, Spalding, Mitchell, and Adel are future stars at UofL. All 3 also have the ability to play at the next level someday, most notably Ray Spalding. I’m not trying to jump ahead too fast and make assumptions based on early returns, but the talent is undeniable.

** I found the first half’s lack of ability to decode the zone troubling at times. I’m not sure everyone realizes how good of shooters this team does have. Be aggressive. Draw the zone in and kick the ball out to shooters on the perimeter. In the past this wasn’t effective because the shooters weren’t there, this year they are. You could tell at halftime there were adjustments made, they became much more aggressive penetrating the zone.

** Louisville fans appreciate Quentin Snider. Louisville fans do not appreciate Quentin Snider as much as they should. He is the undeniable leader of this team. When he is in the game, the offense clicks. He isn’t the fastest, he isn’t the most athletic, he isn’t the best shooter, he just makes everyone around him better. At one time Snider was considered to be a player Pitino “settled” for after several bigger targets went elsewhere. Us fans better be thankful those players did go elsewhere as Snider is the heart and soul of this team.

** I am still not sure on this frontcourt. Onuaku has the size and skill, but can he be consistent when he needs to be? Who else is going to step up? Will Jaylen Johnson become a go to guy or will Mangok Mathiang be a viable weapon inside? As of now, Ray Spalding and Onuaku need to be the 4 and 5 when the game matters, in my opinion. We need consistency here.

Hot Takes/Cliff Notes:
– Snider is underappreciated
– Ray Spalding needs to start. Have to take the ups and downs.
– Big men need to become more consistent.
– The freshman are SPECIAL.
– This is a final 4 caliber team

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