What Is TVT?

Per minute production. Add up all the good things (rebounds, steals, blocks, etc.) subtract the bad stats (missed shots, TO’s) and divide by minutes played. It gets you a per minute impact rating of how much the contribute to the team when they step on the court.

Real Time RPI Facts
Louisville RPI = 30
RPI SOS = 74
Record vs. RPI top 50 = 3-3
Record vs. Top 100 = 4-3

Next Up:  01/22 (@USF rpi #173)


UCONN:  Per Minute Production Report

With Jones out we saw a road rotation of 7 men with major minutes, and Henderson spelling a few guys.

The team is sorted from most effective per minute played, to least effective. Their per-minute production score is on the far right TVT/min (yellow).  Harrell was the winner in this contest.


Blackshear Rising: Since coming off the bench Wayne’s numbers have increased dramatically pushing him from 5th place on the team rankings per minute production to #3.  I like it.

Rebounding:  Cards bested opponents 2 straight games for both Offensive rebounds and Total rebounds.  This hasn’t happened since Missouri State, and well – “that part of the schedule” wasn’t much to go by.  Impressive team effort.

Hancock:  Smith and Harrell stole the show against UCONN, but Hancock was actually the 2nd most productive player per minute played.  Impressive all around stat box: 13p, 5reb, 3ast. Doing it all.

Mathiang:  Was in a bit of a production slump, but last 2 games were both over a TVT factor of 0.45, a solid score for a role player.  It is tad low for a starter, but let’s face it – we aren’t asking the frosh to be a world beater this year. Hope it continues.  Did you see his mean face after one of his 3 blocks?  I think he is getting it now.

Rozier:  While he was effective, and the team looked good under his command, he actually only beat out Henderson in productivity.  The one thing he did well was much needed though, rebounding (had 7).

Team:  3 games in a row averaging over 0.50 – that is a solid average for team productivity, and against good competition no less.  Hopefully the team is coming around.  Nothing like a good old fashioned Big East battle to wake up the soul.  Louisville scored a .47 vs UK in a loss, and .44 vs Memphis in a loss.  Lets’ keep it over .50 guys, that seems to be the magic number.


Per Minute Production Season Rankings

Hot streak added.  This is consecutive games over 0.50 productivity score.  Harrell has 9 in a row, Smith and Luke are tied for second place with 6 games in a row.

Players are ranked from most to least productive.  I separate major minutes guys (blue) from occasional minutes guys (everyone else)



Cards travel to USF Wednesday for  7:00pm battle (ESPNU).

While Louisville is the better team, USF plays better at home.

It took all Cinci had to leave with a 61-54 win over USF last Saturday.

Go Cards


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