Q. The quarterback change at the end, what did you feel like that gave you?

BOBBY PETRINO: It didn’t give us what we wanted. I wanted it to give us a spark. I feel really like in the first half, we were competing hard, moving the ball, got in a position where we took the lead. Gave up that punt block, which really hurt us.

In the third quarter, the defense came up with a big fourth down stop. Took the ball offensively, drove it down to get in scoring position, then got sacked. Weren’t able to even get a field goal out of it, which really hurt us.

Then I didn’t feel like we competed hard in the fourth quarter. I thought if we switched to Jordan, it might give us some energy, some completions, give us a chance to move the ball.

Q. Do you know who you’ll start next week yet?

BOBBY PETRINO: I don’t think about that right now. We have a bye next week. Go to practice now.

Q. Last time you switched, seemed like Puma lost some confidence. Did you worry about that?

BOBBY PETRINO: Yeah, you know, it’s part of the game. Puma was the starter, it’s part of the game. All of a sudden we’re not moving the ball, we’re not doing the things you want to do. What you do is try to put in your backup quarterback and see if you can go.

Q. Both teams, a lot of mistakes in the first half, they obviously took advantage in the second half. Why do you think you weren’t able to seize control in the middle part?

BOBBY PETRINO: I just think that one drive really hurt us where we stopped them on fourth down, took the ball off the five yard line, had a nice drive, mixed up run, play-action, quick game. We ended up having probably a dropped touchdown pass on second down there, then got the sack on third down. Then I feel like we didn’t respond offensively the way you need to respond.

I did feel like the defense competed hard and played hard, you know, had a couple of big plays, the turnover early, a couple big fourth down stops.

Q. Defensively what do you have to do to prevent them from getting a few yards every play?

BOBBY PETRINO: Yeah, I mean, we did a decent job on defense. We did a good job of making critical stops when you were in that situation. But when they got the fourth down stop and we didn’t go score, I feel like that hurt us and we didn’t respond properly offensively.

Q. You’ve gone back and forth at quarterback a lot. At this point what do you feel is the ideal going forward?

BOBBY PETRINO: Yeah, we just got to go to practice next week, work hard, see where we’re at.

Q. After losing four in a row, you haven’t done that. How do you assess the morale of your team and turn it around?

BOBBY PETRINO: Yeah, it’s always hard when you lose, there’s no question about that. We have a bye coming up. We have to have a couple good weeks of practice.

Q. Do you have a tactic or a thought on how to do that, turn it around?

BOBBY PETRINO: Got to go on the practice field.

Louisville Sophomore LB CJ Avery

On defense being worn out in third quarter

AVERY: Playing defense, you have to stand tall and keep playing no matter what the situation.

What was the difference once the team got the lead?

AVERY: We took the foot off the pedal. We just didn’t finish, and to be a really good team, you have to finish the game.’

On BC’s offensive and many different looks

AVERY: It really wasn’t challenging at all. It was a tempo game. The offense uses a lot of tempo and as far as that, we just have to get lined up, see the formation, and just play ball.

Louisville redshirt sophomore QB Jawon Pass

On the slow start offensively

PASS: I’m not sure. I guess we have to do a better job executing.

On what the BC defense was doing right

PASS: They weren’t doing nothing special. It was nothing we couldn’t handle. We just did a bad job of communicating and picking up the blitzes.

On what coach said about the change of quarterback in the fourth quarter

PASS: He didn’t. I just saw Jordan [Travis] warming up.

On fixing the offensive struggles

PASS: I think we just have to come to practice and work hard. A lot of times, we just beat ourselves. A lot of times, it is not the other team. It is us beating ourselves…dropped balls, missed blocks, missed reads, turnovers.

How tough was the pressure today from the defense?

PASS: It made it tough. For any quarterback to have pressure, it is always going to be tough.

On staying positive in the locker room

PASS: I have to make sure everyone keeps their head up. We are still a family. No matter what. We have to go through it together.

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