BOBBY PETRINO: The bye week came at a good time for us. We were able to get some guys healthy. I thought we had some good practices. Got a little break, so that was good, too. Our players came back and we practiced real well on Monday and Tuesday. Had a lot of spirit and a lot of energy. Worked extremely hard.

We’re happy to be back home and have our homecoming game, so that’s exciting for us. Wake is a big challenge with the tempo that they play at and the number of plays that they get, but with the extra time, we’ve been able to spend extra time working on it.

We know we need to be able to play well to go out and get a win.

Q. What did the bye week do for you guys and what do you need to improve on in the second half?
BOBBY PETRINO: Yeah, it gave us a lot of time to work on our execution on offense, and our timing of our passing game and running game. I thought our offensive line took advantage of the week and got more physical and prepared and played hard.

Defensively, we’re working on the tempo offense. You know, the ability to get lined up quickly, get the call and then play fast. I thought it came at a good time. We always go back and spend time on some of our camp drills where you work ones versus ones, and whenever you can do that, get that time, I feel like you get better.

Q. Talk about Wake Forest’s run game. Is that still a good run offense that you have to do to stop them?
BOBBY PETRINO: Yeah, they have three running backs they utilize a lot plus a quarterback that can run with the football, so they challenge you with that. They challenge you with being able to run the gap running game and the inside and outside zone.

And then the ability to play to their tempo and line up. They go as fast as anybody that’s out there.

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