We are in year 3 of the newly re-branded TheCrunchZone.com and wanted to share some updates. We are constantly committed to evolving TheCrunchZone.com in order to provide our readership with the type of Louisville Cardinals content you deserve.  Hopefully you like the new website layout we pushed out this year.

We will cross 1 million+ hits for 2016 and with our videos and content our reach will push even further.  TCZ content has appeared on Good Morning America, ESPN, FOX, E! as well as about every major sports outlet or blog.  Mike (@CrumsRevenge) helps hold down the fort on ESPN680/93.9 The Ville each Friday morning and has been known to kick out a video or two. Mark (@UofLSherrif50) is a frequent guest on all sports radio in Louisville when he is not attending damn near every game they play.  We have enjoyed sharing the highs and lows of Louisville sports with you as professionally (and sometimes as BIASED AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE) as we can. Thanks to all for your continued support. 

The rest of the gang is back for another year;

Chris Person (@CPersonTCZ) has been killing it in recruiting and doggedly calls everyone to get the scoop.  Players, coaches, friends, teachers – and I am not kidding.

Keith Poynter (@VilleSportsLaw) keeps us up to date on Walz’s imminent national champion ladies team and is our legal correspondent (and one of our 3 attorneys).  

William Caudill:  If you see a great sports photo on a website – small chance they stole from William as he hits damn near every home game the Cards play.

New in 2016-17

*** New Writers ***

TBG (@ThatBoysGood)

Check out “What’s Good” with TBG.  That’s right folks.  TBG going to give us his thoughts on things.  Louisville sports, toe nails, music, smoked meats.  Who knows.  I say who knows because we told him, “write whatever you want, try not to cuss too much”.  What could possibly go wrong?  

Dave Lackford (@Res4Six)

We recruited a writer (former Rivals) who is a college football junkie and Brandeis School of Law alumnus.  New to the Louisville area, he knows all about the ACC – and a budding UL fan.  Can you handle his impartial look at the Cards and the football landscape at large?  We are looking forward to hearing what someone thinks on the goings on of college football and how it relates to Louisville (without bleeding red glasses thinks of the ).  He has some interesting recurring pieces planned, keep your eyes peeled.

*** The Crunch Zone Podcast is Back ***

The Podcast is back, and it’s badder than ever.  Why did it stop?  Schedules, life – it’s hard to maintain consistent schedule with the quality we want to deliver.  We have teamed back up with LouisvilleAM (@LouisvilleAm) to get this party (re)started.  We have deep bench of rotating stars that will include;  Mark (@UoflSheriff50), Mike (@CrumsRevenge), Keith (@VilleSportsLaw), Chris (@CPersonTCZ), TBG (@ThatBoysGood), Dave (@Red4Six) and more.  All whom bring a different perspective.  Think The View, but dudes and doesn’t suck. We will get practice and game interviews, call some old players, old coaches and everything you had come to expect from the podcast.  Available in all formats, set it up for automatic pod download.

First Podcast Episode August 23th

Programming Note: @CrumsRevenge Football Hype Video will post August 22nd, entitled “Trouble on the Way”.

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Former D1 Player and Coach. Life long fan of the Cardinals. CR makes movies, takes photos, co-host of "The Crunch Zone" Podcast, and can be heard on ESPN680 Wednesday 7-8:30am. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine (CrumsRevenge).

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