Louisville Football is set to open Fall camp this morning. Let’s take a look at the moves, adds and changes to the Louisville Football roster as we head into the 2020 season.

Below each change is noted from last year’s roster to this year’s roster. Some changes are small, but there are A LOT of notable weight changes:

  • Zach Edwards +35 lbs
  • Joshua Black +20 lbs
  • Dez Melton +20 lbs
  • Anthony Johnson +19 lbs
  • Jared Goldwire +19 lbs
  • Zach Williamson +19 lbs
  • Jackson Gregory +19 lbs
  • Rodjay Burns +18 lbs
  • Malik Clark +17 lbs
  • Dayna Kinnaird + 16 lbs
  • Javian Hawkins +14 lbs
  • Caleb Chandler + 13 lbs
  • Tutu Atwell +12 lbs
  • Adonis Boone +12 lbs
  • Robbie Bell +11 lbs
  • Monty Montgomery +11 lbs
  • Ean Pfeifer +10 lbs
  • Derek Dorsey +10 lbs
  • Allen Smith +10 lbs
  • Russ Yeast +9 lbs
  • CJ Avery +9 lbs
  • Trenell Troutman +9 lbs
  • Michale Cunningham +8 lbs
  • Tabarius Peterson +8 lbs
  • Evan Conley +8 lbs
  • Yasir Abdullah +7 lbs
  • Tobias Little +7 lbs
  • Chandler Jones + 7 lbs
  • Jalen Mitchell +6 lbs
  • Nick Okeke -6 lbs
  • Telly Plummer -10 lbs
  • Tyler Harrell -14 lbs
  • Robert Hicks -15 lbs

Also of note is Ean Pfeifer being granted his 6th year and changing his number to #14.

New Louisville signee Linebacker KJ Cloyd officially signed with Louisville late yesterday and will be added to the roster soon.

The full detail of the roster alterations are below:

2020NameHt WtPosClassChanges Note
1Tutu Atwell5-0165WRJr.added 12 Lbs
1Lovie Jenkins6-1195SFr.add Jenkins to roster, dropped PJ Mbanasor
2Chandler Jones5-10186DBJr.added 7 lbs
2Devante Peete eligibilty complete
3Russ Yeast5-11205DBSr.added 9 lbs
3Micale Cunningham6-1200QBR-Jr.added 8 lbs
4Jawon Pass6-4238QBR-Srlost 1 lb
5Robert Hicks6-1235ILBJr.lost 15 lbs
5Seth Dawkins eligibility complete
6Cornelius Sturghill eligibility complete
6Evan Conley6-2215QBSoadded 8 lbs
7Dez Fitzpatrick6-2210WRR-Sr.added 6 lbs
7Monty Montgomery5-11225ILBR-Jr.added 11 lbs
8Henry Bryant5-11275DLFr.add Bryant to roster, Keion Wakefield transfered to West Virginia
9CJ Avery5-11230ILBSr.added 9 lbs
10Javian Hawkins5-9196RBR-Soadded 14 lbs
10Rodjay Burns6-0215OLBR-Sr.added 18 lbs
11Josh Johnson5-11187WRR-Jr.no changes
11Nick Okeke6-3240OLBR-Jr.lost 6 lbs
12Marlon Character 6-1195DBSr.No Changes
13Kei’Trel Clark5-10165CDSophadded Clark (Liberty), PJ Blue left program
14Marvin Dallas6-1195OLBJr.added Dallas, Thomas Jackson eligibility complete
14Ean Pfeifer6-4255TEGr# changed to 14 from 89. added 10 lbs
15Jalen Mitchell5-10221RBR-Fr.added 6 lbs
15Kameron Wilson6-2220OLBFr.add Wilson to roster, Quen Head eligibility complete
17Dorian Etheridge6-3230ILBSr.lost 1 lbs
17Will Warren6-2235QBR-Fr.no changes
18Justin Marshall6-3213WRR-Jr.added 1 lbs
18Ty Tyler eligibility complete
19Hassan Hall6-0204RBJr.added 6 lbs
20Trenell Troutman5-11197OLBJr.added 9 lbs
21Aidan Robbins6-3230RBR-Fr.added 5 lbs
21Greedy Vance5-10155DBFr.added Vance to roster
22Yasir Abdullah6-1225OLBJr.added 7 lbs
23Telly Plummer 6-0192DBJr.lost 10 lbs
24Mitch Hall6-1203LSSr.no changes
25Josh Minkins6-2179SFr.add Minkins to roster, Dae Williams transfered
26Chris Taylor-Yamanoha left program
27Anthony Johnson6-1206DBR-Jr.added 19 lbs
27Tobias Little6-0242TER-Sr.added 7 lbs
28Jamel Starks5-10187CBFr.added Starks to roster, Mason King eligibility complete
29Tabarius Peterson6-3260DLR-Sr.added 8 lbs
30Khane Pass eligibility complete
31Zach Edwards6-3265DLR-Fr.added 35 lbs
32James Turner6-0196KSolost 4 lbs
32Marqui Lowery6-0168CDFr.added Lowery to roster, Justin Ford transfered to Montana
33Isaiah Hayes6-1208DBR-Sr.added 18 lbs
34Robert Robinson left program
35Zay Peterson 6-1210OLBFr.add Peterson to roster, TJ Holl eligibility complete
36Arthur Veal6-0208DBR-Fr.added 6 lbs
36Maurice Burkley5-9210RBR-Sr.added 4 lbs
37Ryan Chalifoux6-1185KR-Jr.no changes
38Drew Brenowitz5-10210 LSSolost 5 lbs.
38Jack Fagot6-0195DBR-Jr.added 5 lbs
39Justin Brummett6-0190LSR-Fr.no changes
39Taveon Graves left program
40Brock Travelstead6-1214KFr.added Travelstead to roster, Kaheem Roach left program
41Isaac Martin 6-1250TER-Jr.no changes
41Ramon Puryear6-3255DLR-Fr.no changes
42Allen Smith6-2230OLBR-Fr.added 10 lbs
42Patrick Otter left program
43Logan Lupo6-0195KSono changes
43Damien Smith eligibility complete
44Dorian Jones6-0230ILBR-Fr.lost 5 lbs.
44Francis Sherman6-3237TER-Fr.added 12 lbs
45Duane Martin 6-2247ATHFr.added Martin to roster, Blanton Creque eligibility complete
46Brendan Lowery eligibility complete
47Desmond Daniels6-5247TEFr.added Daniels to roster
48Jordan Thomas5-11170WR.R-Jr.no changes
49Boosie Whitlow eligibility complete
50Jean Luc-Childs eligibility complete
51Keon Johnson6-0223ILBR-Fradded 8 lbs
51Austin Collins6-3270OLFr.added Collins to roster
52Tim Lawson6-5290OLFr.added Lawson to roster
53Amonte Caban eligibility complete
54Patrick Owens left program
55Caleb Chandler6-4310OLR-Jr.added 13 lbs
56Renato Brown6-4330OLR-Fr.no changes
57Dayna Kinnaird6-3270DLR-Jr. added 16 lbs
58Demji Dumervil-Jean left program
59TJ McCoy eligibility complete
60Tyler Haycraft eligibility complete/NY Giants
62Clayton Six 6-4293OLJr.added 6 lbs
63Zach Williamson6-6290OLR-Fr.added 19 lbs
65Ronald Rudd eligibility complete
66Cole Bentley6-3314OLSr.added 1 lbs
67Luke Kandra6-4292OLFr.Thomas Nauert eligibility complete
69Brandon Wellington6-2280OLJr.no change
70Trevor Reid6-5285OLJr.added Trevor Reid to roster
70Emmanual Sowders6-4272OLJr.no change
71Joshua Black6-2290OLR-Fr.added 20 lbs.
73Mekhi Becton 1st Round New York Jets
74Adonis Boone6-5310OLJr.added 12 lbs
75Robbie Bell6-5305OLR-Sr.added 11 lbs
76Luke Massad eligibility complete
77Kobe Baynes6-4306OLFr.added Baynes to roster
78Jackson Gregory6-2290OLR-Fr.added 19 lbs
79Cameron DeGeorge 6-4290OLSr.added DeGeorge to roster (UCONN)
80Jordan Watkins5-11175WRFr.added Watkins to roster, Hunter Crowe left?
81Braden Smith5-10192WRSo.Smith added to roster, Emonee Spence eligibility complete
82Micah Lowe5-10175WRSo.no change
83Marshon Ford6-2240TER-So.added 4 lbs.
84Dez Melton6-3240TER-Fr.added 20 lbs.
85Nicholas Malito6-1190WRFr.added Malito to roster, Jordan Davis eligibility complete
86Chris Nuckols5-10160WRSo.no change
87Tyler Harrell6-0194WRR-So.lost 14 lbs.
88Roscoe Johnson6-1190WRGr.added Johnson to roster (UNC), Jeffrey Banks left?
89Christian Fitzpatrick6-4215WRFr.added Fitzpatrick to roster, Ean Pfeifer changed to #14
90Jared Goldwire6-6305DLSr.added 19 lbs
91Derek Dorsey6-3275DLR-Sr.added 10 lbs.
92Malik Clark6-2290 DLR-Jr.added 17 lbs.
93Jared Dawson 6-1258DLFr.added Dawson to roster, Gary McCrae eligibility complete
94GG Robinson eligibility complete
95Thurman Geathers6-3230OLBR-So.no change
97Caleb Tillman left?
98Ja’Darien Boykin6-0250DEFr.added Boykin to roster
99Dezmond Tell6-1266DLFr. added Tell to roster
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