Growing up fast is something Teddy Bridgewater is accustomed to doing.

Whether doing everything he could to support his mother Rose during cancer as a child, stepping in to start for the injured Will Stein, and here again – another injury forcing him into the spotlight. Teddy time is here. Some thought he would earn in pre-season – he was narrowly beat out. Some thought he would get it through injury, which he did. What nobody predicted is the absence of Adrian Peterson, likely for good.

Teddy hit the field Tuesday and Mike Wobschall of Vikings.Com asked the Vikings fans.

“For his first regular season action and for it happening in spontaneous fashion, Bridgewater handled himself well and I think flashed the poise and talent that appealed so much to the Vikings in the pre-draft process. Bridgewater faced blitzing and pressure constantly on Sunday, yet he never lost his composure and he often times gouged the Saints defense.”

“In the NFL, the best quarterbacks are those who win from within the pocket. But any time a quarterback can extend a play and, more importantly, a drive, with his legs, it can be demoralizing for a defense. As a defense, there isn’t much worse than covering well and rushing well only to see the quarterback run for a 1st down anyway and extend the drive. Bridgewater has the mobility to do this, and I feel it will add another dimension to Norv Turner’s offense. It is not a dimension that Turner will utilize frequently, but it is one Bridgewater can turn to in times of trouble. I will say, though, that Turner has already intentionally used Bridgewater’s mobility once – on a 3rd and 7 from the New Orleans 16 midway through the 2nd quarter when he anticipated man coverage and called a quarterback draw to pick up the 1st down.”

We love Teddy and looks like the Vikes are on their way to loving him too.  It would be good if the Vikes could add a RB to offset the Peterson situation – preferably Michael Bush – to allow Teddy a little more breathing room.

Growing up fast isn’t something foreign to Teddy, so my prediction on how he will do is a simple one; “G.U.M.P”

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