LouisvilleWake Forest
Strength of Schedule (Ken Pom)67th50th
PPG62.0 (336th)75.9 (55th)
Avg Scoring Margin-12.1 (339th)3.7 (117th)
Field Goal %40.7% (307th)46.2% (66th)
Effective FG%46.3% (311th)53.7% (47th)
2-pt FG %45.4% (306th)53.0% (69th)
3-pt FG %32.0% (247th)36.4% (66th)
FT %72.6% (128th)74.8% (56th)
Team Fouls Per Game16.2 (126th)15.8 (92nd)
Opp Team Fouls Per Game17.3 (151st)18.5 (70th)
FT Attempted Per Game18.7 (124th)19.3 (97th)
Opp FT Attempted Per Game17.0 (141st)17.3 (154th)
Opp Shooting %46.9% (305th)43.8% (184th)
Opp Effective FG%53.0% (282nd)51.0% (216th)
Opp 2-pt FG %54.2% (310th)52.2 (257th)
Opp 3-Pt FG %34.0% (206th)32.9% (149th)
Rebound Rate48.1% (255th)51.5% (124th)
Assists Per Game9.0 (355th)12.8 (171st)
Turnovers Per Game16.9 (356th)12.1 (91st)
Blocks Per Game3.0 (188th)2.3 (283rd)
Steals Per Game5.5 (270th)6.7 (151st)
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