Louisville travels to Chestnut Hill to face-off again the Boston College Golden Eagles on Wednesday night. Boston College is 10-10 (4-5 in ACC) and sports wins over Wake Forest, Notre Dame, California, Virginia and Virginia Tech. This team is not as dangerous as it was with Ky Bowman a year ago when Louisville traveled to BC and lost by 10 in a mid-January game…… but it is still a dangerous team capable of slowing the pace and creating opportunities to a muck-it-up type of game.

Still there are some inexcusable losses for an ACC team: Belmont, DePaul, St. Louis, Richmond. In an individual season one of these might be OK…. but owning all 4 in a single season is a rough reality for this group. BC struggles to score, Louisville is one of the best defensive teams in the country…… it’s not a recipe for success for BC.

LouisvilleBoston College
Strength of Schedule (Ken Pom)57th58th
PPG74.8 (65th)64.2 (306th)
Avg Scoring Margin12.5 (10th)-3.2 (238th)
Field Goal %46.1% (42nd)40.2% (308th)
Effective FG%53.0% (41st)46.1% (305th)
2-pt FG %50.2% (125th)47.0% (256th)
3-pt FG %38.7% (10th)29.8% (319th)
FT %71.8% (125th)64.6% (319th)
Team Fouls Per Game16.7 (110th)15.3 (30th)
Opp Team Fouls Per Game17.1 (224th)17.3 (209th)
FT Attempted Per Game18.4 (183rd)17.8 (214th)
Opp FT Attempted Per Game15.6 (53rd)16.0 (65th)
Opp Shooting %37.0% (5th)43.0% (172nd)
Opp Effective FG%43.1% (7th)49.3% (170th)
Opp 2-pt FG %42.6% (13th)48.2% (143rd)
Opp 3-Pt FG %29.2% (20th)34.1% (220th)
Rebound Rate54.2% (27th)46.3% (314th)
Assists Per Game14.6 (55th)12.6 (196th)
Turnovers Per Game12.3 (76th)13.8 (210th)
Blocks Per Game3.0 (177th)2.9 (186th)
Steals Per Game5.4 (268th)8.7 (16th)
Opp Turnovers Per Game11.7 (303rd)16.2 (29th)
Opp Blocks Per Game3.1 (144th)3.0 (115th)
Opp Steals Per Game6.0 (113th)6.6 (209th)

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