Louisville will travel to South Bend, IN on Saturday to face-off against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish inside the Joyce Center. The Irish under Mike Brey have been short-handed for the second consecutive season (they played only 6 players on Wednesday night vs. NC State) and the results have been mixed early in the 2019-2020 season.

But better Louisville teams and worse Notre Dame teams have resulted in incredibly tough games inside the Joyce Center during this series.

ND started the season with a loss on the road vs. North Carolina and then won 6 in a row before losing two-games in a row in early December to Maryland & Boston College. The Irish have also lost to Indiana and NC State. To date the best wins of the season came against UCLA and Syracuse.

Statistically the Irish are a high-scoring team…. but they also see a very high number of possessions in relation to the rest of college basketball. They shoot OK from the field. Notre Dame does NOT foul. ND is #1 in the nation in team fouls and that’s necessary considering the short bench Mike Brey has to deal with. As such they don’t rebound super-aggressively on the offensive end.

The one stand out stat categories beyond the lack of fouls is the overall defense, the # of assists and lack of turnovers. This is a well-coached team despite its limited roster. Louisville will have to beat Notre Dame as the Irish are not going to beat themselves.

LouisvilleNotre Dame
Strength of Schedule (Ken Pom)106th259th
PPG75.3 (68th)75.6 (64th)
Avg Scoring Margin14.3 (14th)10.1 (38th)
Field Goal %46.9% (33rd)42.6% (198th)
Effective FG%53.7% (35th)50.5% (126th)
2-pt FG %52.6% (66th)49.0% (176th)
3-pt FG %37.0% (41st)34.8% (98th)
FT %71.5% (136th)70.7% (157th)
Team Fouls Per Game16.3 (89th)11.9 (1st)
Opp Team Fouls Per Game17.1 (217th)15.4 (312th)
FT Attempted Per Game18.5 (169th)16.4 (263rd)
Opp FT Attempted Per Game14.8 (45th)11.5 (3rd)
Opp Shooting %36.5% (5th)39.3% (41st)
Opp Effective FG%42.4% (9th)45.7% (61st)
Opp 2-pt FG %41.8% (12th)43.1% (25th)
Opp 3-Pt FG %28.8% (31st)33.2% (180th)
Rebound Rate55.3% (14th)50.5% (143rd)
Assists Per Game14.7 (59th)18.3 (3rd)
Turnovers Per Game12.3 (70th)9.9 (2nd)
Blocks Per Game2.9 (183rd)4.4 (49th)
Steals Per Game4.7 (334th)6.1 (199th)
Opp Turnovers Per Game10.9 (338th)12.9 (222nd)
Opp Blocks Per Game2.3 (19th)3.3 (187th)
Opp Steals Per Game5.5 (47th)5.1 (23rd)
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