I love having the opportunity to sit court side.  While I am watching a good bit of the game through a viewfinder on a camera – invariably there is a lot you can see and hear around you that doesn’t make a picture or film.  I thought I would share a few after this amazing victory.

1.  Matz is tall. When I was filming one of the team huddles I was standing, holding the camera straight up with my arm, and the camera was still lower than Matz’s head.  I get it.  I am not tall, he is tall.  I am dumb, he is smart.  Sidenote, how lucky are we to have so many players on the team with a Z in their name?

2.  The ref wasn’t nervous. In the locker room post game, it was funny listening to Anas talk about how nervous the ref was that he would step over the line on the last inbounds play. He wasn’t nervous, Anas – he was warning you. “He was so nervous. I told him I wasn’t nervous. I wouldn’t do it”.

3.  I asked Anas if he knew who Christian Laettner was, and if he knew why Pitino had him guard the inbound pass. He started laughing; “No, I don’t know him. I will ask Coach, but maybe he will get mad at me”.

4.  Wayne had no idea the reference to #GameBlouses, but he was all for playing the game. I asked him what to do – he did it flawless on first take. If basketball doesn’t work out – Hollywood.

5.  Coincidence that Prince plays a concert within one week of Wayne’s senior Day? #GameBlouses.

6.  That was about as loud as I’ve heard Yum! Nothing louder than shutting down Freedom Hall, but the fans, the team, the coaches, even the ball boys knew how important that win was for the team. Such a roller coaster ride. That win was one big ass exhale – and it felt great.

7.  5 star recruit Ado ominously sat in his section. Even slouching in his seat, he was tall. He probably gets “DOWN IN FRONT” yelled at him every single place he goes. He is known as a rim protector, and I am buying it. He looked intimidating. He was keeping a low profile with his hood on the entire game – just like a Sith Lord. Badass. Hope we get him.

8.  After Mangok’s shot and the mayhem ensued, it was glorious. At one point the Lady Birds were trying to do a celebration routine, but kept breaking formation to jump up and down hugging.

9.  Trezl’s block was clean, and it was beautiful. Was funny to see the Ref run to him as he ran off in disbelief. I think the Ref was worried “Oh no, I have wronged Trezl. I must diffuse manimal before he dunks on everyone forever”.

10. Motrezl’s mom left the stands after the post-game senior with tears rolling down her face. She was happy, she was sad, and she wasn’t alone. Plenty of tears in that building while Wayne and Tezl spoke.

11.  It BROKE MY HEART that Wayne seemingly apologized to fans when he said “I came in a freshman with high expectations, but thank you for sticking by me with my ups and downs”. We stick by our guys. Period. A good reminder that it is fun to debate players, lineups, etc – but always keep it classy.

12.  Coach Todd Sharp has more style than you.

13.  Post Big Win Rick is the best Rick when it comes to the media room. Was having a ball.

14.  As Trezl was leaving the court a quick footed Fred Hina (the best in the biz) yelled out to get his attention. It was then when Trezl handed over his famous mouthpiece.  Fred put into a container, then placed in his bag.  Like a crime boss carrying a suitcase full of money handcuffed to his wrist.  I guess I am not surprised, or maybe I am – I just assumed Trezl ate them through the course of each game.  I mean no way he can reuse those the way he chews on them, right?

15.  I was mostly filming, but it took me awhile to realize what few pictures I was taking – my flash was going off.  That is – flashing the UVA shooters.  Can’t believe I made that rookie mistake. I fixed the problem.  Sorry, not sorry.

I am sure there were other stories to tell, that’s all I got for today. Let’s make some more memories in our first ever ACC Tourney.

Go Cards, Beat Everybody.

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Former D1 Player and Coach. Life long fan of the Cardinals. CR makes movies, takes photos, co-host of "The Crunch Zone" Podcast, and can be heard on ESPN680 Wednesday 7-8:30am. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine (CrumsRevenge).

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