Louisville Wide Receiver Braden Smith entered his name into the transfer portal on Monday. Braden’s 2021 campaign was derailed with a season-ending injury during the FSU game. But Smith was able to haul in 21 receptions for 215 yards. Braden also handled punt return duties for the Cards in 2022.

Louisville Football In The Portal:


  • Nicaro Harper -> Illinois
  • Trevion Cooley-> Georgia Tech
  • Caleb Banks-> Florida
  • Jalen Mitchell->UCONN
  • KJ Cloyd-> removed name, will return to Louisville
  • Max Cabana-> Canadian Prep School
  • Henry Bryant-> Georgia State
  • Zach Edwards ->Troy
  • Luke Kandra -> Cincinnati
  • Rance Conner->
  • Christian Pedersen-> FIU
  • Dorian Jones-> Cincinnati
  • Ben Perry -> removed name, will return to Louisville
  • Mark Vassett ->Colorado
  • Allen Smith ->FAMU
  • Dee Wiggins ->Cincinnati
  • Monty Montgomery ->Ole Miss
  • Braden Smith ->


  • Stephen Herron (Stanford) DE/EDGE -> Louisville
  • Rodney McGraw (Penn St) DE -> Louisville
  • Devin Neal (Baylor) Safety -> Louisville
  • Jadon Thompson (Cincinnati) Wide Receiver-> Louisville
  • Jimmy Calloway (Tennessee) Wide Receiver -> Louisville
  • Marquis Groves-Killebrew (Texas A&M) Defensive Back -> Louisville
  • Jack Plummer (CAL) Quarterback -> Louisville
  • Kevin Coleman (Jackson State) Wide Receiver -> Louisville
  • Gilbert Frierson (Miami) Defensive Back -> Louisville
  • Jamari Thrash (Georgia State) Wide Receiver -> Louisville
  • John Paul Flores (Virginia/Dartmouth) OL -> Louisville
  • Isaac Guerendo (Wisconsin) RB -> Louisville


Myles Slusher (Arkansas) Safety -> Louisville -> Colorado

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