Rick Pitino

Need to be strong on the road, Rutgers off a good Temple win, Kadeem Jack can hoop, so we need to be ready.

Henderson gets a scholarship, gave him that in front of the team.
“Tim has been a joy to coach, plays his butt off everyday, knew how to play defense coming in. His high school coach did an excellent job preparing him”.

Thee high pick and roll is hard to guard with new rules. Rutgers does that well.

Terry chases rebounds, he goes after it. When we rotate, we need to track the ball for rebounds, and our guards largely been watching. Need them more active. The guards need to be more aggressive.

Last years team loved defense, this year they like talking about who they dunked on, things you might talk about in high school.

Wayne is using last years arm bar on D, and is picking up fouls. He needs to use better footwork to avoid.

Luke is practicing a lot more now healthier, and we are seeing that benefit on the court. His leadership is strong, but team not mature enough to accept it yet.

This team is as unselfish as they come on offense. They just don’t see defense as important yet.

Tim Henderson

I was totally surprised about getting the scholarship. He told me in front of the team, and they all congratulated me.

Stay positive through the ups and downs and good things happen.

I hoped that I could earn a scholarship, Larry O’Bannon did it as well, so I know it was possible.

We lost a lot of maturity with Peyton and Gorgui. Peyton saw it all, Gorgui was really smart.

We will be fine, we just need to work on the small things on defense.

Rutgers is big on one on one, which has been a struggle with this team after the new rules.

I am enjoying my time this year, and will worry about the future att another time.

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