I loved Bolin recruiting hard for Louisville last year. It was a lot of fun to follow.

However, I hate getting jazzed up about recruits, and then they disappear into a red shirt year to bulk up.

Well, as you can see Bolin has been making good use of his time, as he is now freaking Superman.

Hanging out with some fine ladies.

I added Copeland, Smith, and Russ below as well.



Damian Copeland in an extravagant Captain Morgan’s outfit.  Side note: I wasn’t a drinker in high school, so I tried a drink someone gave me (when I was TWENTY ONE), that I thought was a Roman Coke.  At age 28, I was corrected by a friend that it was in fact a RUM and Coke.

It went like this.

Me: “You want a Roman Coke?”

Friend: “Sure, what is that?”

Me: “You’ll like it, let’s go”.

….orders drink, and apparently in a loud bar, Roman Cokes always come out as ordered.

Me: “Here it is, your first Roman Coke.”

Friend: “This is a Rum and Coke you Dumbass”

End of story.




So basically, I thought I was ordering a drink with more of the theme Hakeem is sporting.




Whether a Roman coke, or a Rum and Coke, eventually you drink too much, get sick, and have to visit Russdiculous for a hangover cure. This used to be the McDonald’s Coke with their over-size straws, but I have no idea what the “no it’s really not” hangover cure is anymore.  I am a bourbon sipper now, with the pinky up.




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