Bobby: Petrino bummed about Will’s injury because he had made a lot of progress over the season.

** I think we can all agree we have been seeing a much improved Will and Offensive line, and they do go hand in had a little. It’s the same knee he had surgery on prior, which I think makes this 3 (happened in HS).  You have to wonder if this is it for Will as a player.  Hard to keep recovering only to hurt it again.


Bobby: Lorenzo Mauldin has been making progress and hope to play him against ND.

**  I will file this into “we hope to play Parker vs. Clemson”.  Hammies are no joke. Certainly hope he can play, but don’t want Lozo to put his future health above his competitive desire.


Bobby: Reggie showed growth against BS.

** Reggie also ran most of the game, which we can’t afford, because if he gets hurt we go to the next QB in line, who apparently will be….


Bobby: Kyle Bolin is the second string QB.

** Kyle has almost no experience, that would be difficult to finish the season. We need to be selective when Reggie runs, and make sure he runs out of bounds, not down the middle opening him up to tackles from 11 directions.  Reggie is a gamer though.  He makes plays, he goes for it – so maybe we just all need to pray a little harder instead.


Bobby: Quick status unchanged. Not happy with him.

** Said he will evaluate JQ on a daily basis. pretty sure that the other former Trinity player – Reggie Bonnafon – texted him after the suspension (especially now that he is starting).  Probably went like this; “brruuuuhhhhh”


Bobby: Said “we focus on who practices the hardest in practice”, but in defense of DB – nobody on the team practices as hard as Radcliff.

** Nothing to see here, Dom Brown has been important this year. Hell, he was our best WR against Clemson. I am sure he will be called upon again. Hope he focuses on getting ready.

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