Here is the ‘update’ there isn’t much there. ESPN does find Andre McGee driving an Uber and tries to get him to comment with several questions after being asked to get out of the car.

-Katina Powell tells ESPN that the NCAA is most interested in how Andre McGee obtained the funds for the parties. This interest led to speculation about who may have been assisting McGee in bank rolling the events.

-John Barr tries to tie Mangok Mathiang to the events. Katina Powell said that he didn’t.

-ESPN then quotes an unnamed source “close to the investigation” provides a series of nuggets about 3 recruits involved were provided with strippers and sex with those strippers. That source also told ESPN that the recruits have told the NCAA that the recruits (and current players at the time) were provided with a stack of dollar bills ranging from $200-$300.

-The ‘source’ also attacks Pitino and his knowledge of the events basically asserting Coach Pitino had to know about the events. Katina Powell’s attorney Larry Wilder stated that no evidence suggests that Rick Pitino knew anything.

-Barr then tries to coerce McGee into commenting saying that he wanted to give Andre McGee “his chance” to clear his name (as if no one else would agree to interview him).

You can watch the report below if you’d like.

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