Great write up on NBA.Com on Peyton Siva, and how his performance in the summer validated what Joe Dumars suspected all along.  Siva is a winner.

Dumars made changes in the roster to land him a spot.  This is something we all could have told Joe in person. Peyton Siva proved time and time again he is a winner and a role model.




Here are some highlights from the article.

Joe Dumars on Siva

“He plays with a winning spirit,” Dumars said. “You feel good when he’s out on the court running your team. We like his ability to impact the game. He pressures the ball defensively and gets other people involved. Those are the kind of guys you want on your roster; those are the kind of guys you want in your building.”

“It’s not easy to look good as a point guard when you come in to Summer League and there are multiple returning players from the previous team,” he said. “It’s a delicate balance between you looking good and them looking good and are you looking good at their expense or are you looking good because you’re helping them to look good. Peyton handled that balance extremely well.”


Andre Drummond

“That’s just my guy right there,” said Drummond, a college rival of Siva’s at UConn. “He sees the floor very well, a great defender and also a great teammate.”


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