Ryan Day
Age: 39
Current Job
Record: 3-0
Bowl Record: 0-0
Current Salary: $400,000
Current Buyout: N/A

Why He Can Succeed At Louisville

Ryan Day has been all over the place in his short coaching career.  He is a New Hampshire native and played QB under Chip Kelly at New Hampshire before Kelly hit the major college football scene.  Kelly started coaching in 2002 as the tight ends coach at New Hampshire in 2002.  He quickly moved to Boston College as a GA, then to Florida as a GA, before becoming the Wide Receivers coach at Temple in 2006, then Wide Receivers back at Boston College 2007-11.

Temple allowed Ryan his first opportunity to be an offensive coordinator, and he quickly was hired away to Boston College yet again as OC and Quarterbacks coach.  In 2015, Day was hired away by the Philadelphia Eagles as Quarterback Coach, then went to the 49ers in 2016 as QB and has been with Ohio State as OC since last season.  Early this year, Day filled in for a suspended Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes went 3-0.

Everyone wants to hire Ryan Day.  He filled in admirably when Urban Meyer was suspended.  The players respond to him, and he has a great deal of experience in a short amount of time.  He can recruit at a high level already and is in the same geographical region that Ohio State generally recruits.


He’s never been a head coach and he’s jumped from job to job.  It’s hard to say where exactly Ryan Day wants to be, BUT, he seems to be successful wherever he goes and his profile just keeps expanding with every stop.

(Note: there is nothing to suggest that Ryan Day is in anyway involved with Zach Smith’s personal dealings or anything relating to Urban Meyer’s suspension.  Though they did work together for the 2017 season).

Why He Might Be Attainable

Louisville could be an opportunity to be a Head Coach for Ryan Day.  It would also be a considerable pay raise.  Louisville is a Power 5 job and the recruiting profile could easily transition for Day to continue many of the kids he currently has in the funnel.

Why He Might Not Be Attainable

Maybe he wants to wait and see what happens at the end of the year with Urban Meyer?  And maybe Vince Tyra doesn’t want to take a risk with anything associated with Urban Meyer or Ohio State at the moment.  There may not be anything that would connect Day to Zack Smith, but I’m not certain the program is willing to risk the unknown even if it is unlikely.

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