UK & UofL match-up pretty well in the backcourt.  Both teams derive a large portion of their scoring from the backcourt and neither team is particularly deep in the 1-3 spots.

Quentin Snider vs. Tyler Ulis

Quentin has a size advantage over Tyler by 4 inches, but there is a stark contrast in style here.  Q is unassuming, quiet and can deceptively put together a top performance.  Ulis is the opposite and is tough, vocal and UK gets a great deal of leadership from its point guard.  Snider just isn’t that type of guy and will have his hands full on both sides of the floor with Ulis.

The best thing UofL can do with Ulis is to try and limit his passing and funnel more jump shots for Tyler.  The Cards have struggled at allowing penetration so far this year and have been bailed out with shot blocking and help defense….. vs. Ulis he’ll make the correct pass to the postman or happily will go to the line for free throws.

Quentin Snider really doesn’t force anything.  He moves the ball and takes what the defense gives him.  Having a size advantage doesn’t play much of a role here unless Snider finds himself in a late shot clock situation where Q uses his runner in the lane.  Ulis can not come down to help off the ball because Snider (and Lewis & Lee as well) all shoot the 3 at a high rate.

It’s hard to say who has the edge here because much of Kentucky’s offense comes at the discretion of Tyler, whereas Q allows the game to come to him.  Defensively I’d say Ulis has the edge of Quentin, whereas Snider is the better shooter.  Overall this is a very interesting match-up to watch.

Quentin Snider Tyler Ulis
6-1, 180, Soph 5-9, 160, Soph
Minutes 27.5 34.8
Points 10.1 12.0
Field Goal % 43.4% 34.0%
3-point % 40.0% 26.1%
FT % 68.4% 88.9%
Rebounds 2.5 3.6
Assists 4.4 5.3
Steals 0.9 1.3
Blocks 0.0 0.1
Turnovers 1.3 2.0
Fouls 1.8 1.0

Trey Lewis vs. Isaiah Briscoe

Trey Lewis is a veteran player with an outstanding feel for the game and a reliable shot……he’s also been on fire lately.  Isaiah Briscoe is a promising young player who hasn’t quite yet fully grasped the scope of his ability, but the talent is most certainly there.  Once Isaiah harnesses the talent, the sky is the limit.  But for now, we are playing a game on Saturday.

Briscoe was recruited heavily by Rick Pitino & UofL and chose UK.  Isaiah has a slight size advantage over Trey Lewis and will use that to attempt to drive the lane to get layups and assists.  Briscoe’s biggest weakness is that he just isn’t a great shooter from the field or from the foul line and Trey Lewis (and the rest of the Cards) would do well to note that and not allow Isaiah to beat defenders off the dribble.

Trey Lewis on the other hand really can shoot from the floor & the foul line and does do a little bit of everything.  Also (like Quentin Snider) Trey doesn’t really force anything.  Lewis’ 3 point shot has come into focus after a slow first 4 games, is a very good ball handler and has been an adequate defender.  The biggest flaw for Lewis is getting beat off the dribble which is a staple of Isaiah Bricoe’s game.  If that continues Louisville’s bigs will need to decide whether it is worth burning a foul (for a low percentage FT shooter) or to attempt to just play defense.

This is a match-up of youth vs. experience and the game will just have to play out.  On paper I’d give the edge to Trey Lewis because of his shooting ability but I’d listen to arguments about that sided with Briscoe’s rebounding & overall potential being the deciding factor.

Trey Lewis Isaiah Briscoe
6-2, 190, Sr. 6-3, 202, Fr.
Minutes 28.5 30.4
Points 14.7 11.5
Field Goal % 48.80% 48.50%
3-point % 43.10% 23.50%
FT % 82.90% 37.50%
Rebounds 4.1 5.6
Assists 2.8 3.1
Steals 1.0 1.5
Blocks 0.2 0.2
Turnovers 1.8 2.5
Fouls 1.6 2.8

Damion Lee vs. Jamal Murray

Another well-matched experience vs. youth battle in this game. Both players can provide A LOT of scoring and both Damion Lee & Jamal Murray score consistently for Louisville & Kentucky.  Overall though, it appears that Lee is a touch better than Murray but the margin is small.  Additionally Lee’s overall numbers have been down the last 3 games from what we observed to start the year and Murray is coming off his best performance to date.  Trends like that shouldn’t be ignored.

This match-up is going to be a battle and overall Damion & Jamal will most likely neutralize each other’s affect on the game. HOWEVER, if the game is close these two players are the ones to watch in critical situations OR if one player gets extremely hot the game might be hard to swing the other way.  We also need to monitor the health of Damion Lee’s heel that has been bothering him, it hasn’t been a huge issue in a GAME thus far but his overall health is a factor going against a top scorer like Jamal Murray.  This one will be FUN!

Damion Lee Jamal Murray
6-6, 200, Sr. 6-5, 207, Fr.
Minutes 28.9 33.0
Points 17.3 17.1
Field Goal % 50.8% 42.0%
3-point % 38.5% 39.1%
FT % 89.1% 77.8%
Rebounds 4.3 4.4
Assists 1.8 2.9
Steals 1.8 1.1
Blocks 0.0 0.1
Turnovers 1.3 3.0
Fouls 1.7 2.2


The Cards have the stronger statistical bench in the backcourt.  Stats don’t always measure out though as Dominique Hawkins is an outstanding defender when he wants to be.  Additionally Deng Adel began his year as a starter but his true value is measured on the defensive end along with his ability to drive the lane.

Donovan Mitchell really pushes the scales into the favor of Louisville in terms of bench backcourt because he provides the most overall value and Louisville doesn’t really lose much when he enters.  It is hard to tell what Deng Adel will bring to the Cards in this game coming off of his knee injury, but if he can keep Jamal Murray occupied for a stretch and cause him problems that is a big time PLUS for the Cards as well.

Donovan Mitchell Dominique Hawkins
6-3, 210, Fr. 6-0, 190, Jr.
Minutes 19.4 7.6
Points 7.8 1.7
Field Goal % 47.90% 21.40%
3-point % 30.00% 11.10%
FT % 84.20% 72.70%
Rebounds 3.9 0.8
Assists 2.1 0.4
Steals 1.2 0.2
Blocks 0.0 0.1
Turnovers 0.9 0.2
Fouls 3.1 0.9
David Levitch Mychal Mulder
6-3, 180, Jr. 6-4, 185, Jr.
Minutes 8.1 3.4
Points 2.6 0.3
Field Goal % 61.50% 25.00%
3-point % 57.10% 0.00%
FT % 66.70% 0.00%
Rebounds 0.8 0.9
Assists 0.5 5
Steals 0.4 0
Blocks 0.0 0
Turnovers 0.3 0
Fouls 0.7 0.1
Deng Adel Charles Matthews
6-7, 200, Fr. 6-6, 189, Fr.
Minutes 15.0 15.5
Points 4.3 3.4
Field Goal % 36.40% 51.90%
3-point % 0.00% 25.00%
FT % 75.00% 47.10%
Rebounds 2.5 1.9
Assists 1.3 0.8
Steals 0.0 0.7
Blocks 0.0 0.1
Turnovers 2.0 1.1
Fouls 1.5 1.3
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