Answer: Jawon Pass is in a great position sitting behind Jackson and Bolin with being able to really take his time to learn the offense and adjust to the college pace. Like we have seen, there really is no use for Pass in 2016 at this point and if it remains this way the staff will keep the redshirt on him. As far as what I would expect from him in the future, he more of a pocket passer with the ability to run compared to Jackson who is naturally more gifted with his legs. I think he will be a major difference maker in the coming years and from what I have heard, let’s just say I expect BIG things out of him.


Answer: I think the general consensus on this is that they will never be quite to that level given Clemson and especially Florida St. having TONS of talent right in their backyard. With that being said, the success Louisville is having on the field is going to end up paying dividends, getting the staff in on some ‘elite’ recruits that they normally wouldn’t have an in on. The thing is, I don’t think Louisville has to recruit on that level to be successful. Bobby Petrino and his staff are probably one of the top, if not the top, evaluators of talent in the country. Not to mention they can develop players with the best of them. For these reasons I don’t think Louisville has to recruit equally or better than FSU/Clemson to win (See UofL/FSU game this year). With that being said, I do think the 2018 class is going to rank pretty high on paper when it’s all said and done.



Answer: It could, that has yet to be seen. I know Louisville likes the class as it currently stands but are not scared to bring in the best possible talent. Right now there are a few select guys they are in REALLY good with and who are also really highly regarded (Yeast, Hutch, Edwards, Henley, Williams, Wilson, Davis, Chandler, Stephens, etc.). If Louisville can finish with snagging who they want from that list (I think they will be able to get the majority they want) then the end of the recruiting year is an absolute success. Still, there will almost definitely be a few ‘elite’ 2017 guys who will probably visit at some point between now and NSD. If the staff can get them on campus there is always a chance (One example is CJ Avery). We will just have to monitor those as they happen.



Answer: Going by 247Sports, here are the number of 3, 4, and 5 star players the past 4 years. Class rank is in parentheses.


Clemson (15): 1, 10, 11
Louisville (37): 0, 3, 15


Clemson (17): 0, 10, 10
Louisville (45): 0, 0, 20


Clemson (9): 3, 9, 12
Louisville (32): 0, 2, 22


Clemson (11): 1, 12, 7
Louisville (38): 0, 2, 22


Answer: One of the biggest mysteries in the 2017 class is trying to figure out which running backs will join the recruiting class. Let’s go over the pieces of information we have: Louisville is likely looking to take 2 running backs. It appears that Louisville is in great position with all possibilities. The names UofL is honed in on are Colin Wilson, AJ Davis, & Damon Williams (Heard talk of another possibility, although don’t have a name at this point). The last update I heard was that the staff was not in a hurry, taking extra time to get the right fit and evaluate each one. While the exact trajectory of this position for the recruiting class is unknown, I feel very good about landing 2 stud running backs.



Answer: The plain and simple answer: extremely well. Everyone I have heard from that was there raved about it and similar to the question above, the results are being noticed on the recruiting trail. This game put Louisville on the map big-time from a recruiting standpoint, plain and simple.



Answer: I think when it is all said and done this class will probably be in the 25-30 range. There are still several very highly rated prospects I think Louisville can land to bump them up to that position. With that being said this is going to be a really solid, very talented class regardless of the number.

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