Corso Facts:

Corso began making his entertaining end-of-show headgear pick of the team he thinks will win the game at the GameDay site, marking 20 years this season. Week 3 will be headgear number 279 for Corso, as he is 184-94 all-time in headgear picks. The phenomenon began on October 5, 1996, prior to the Ohio State-Penn State game in Columbus, Ohio when he put on OSU’s “Brutus Buckeye” mascot head to show his pick to win the game.

·       Corso has picked the favorite 16-straight years during Week 3. He has won 14 of those headgear picks, losing last year in Tuscaloosa and in 2012 in Nashville.

·       Corso has never picked Louisville – and if he goes with the Cardinals– it will be the 55th different mascot head he has donned. He lost all three times last year when picking schools for the first time (Arizona, James Madison and Baylor).

·       Corso has picked his alma mater 19 times. The Seminoles have won 13 of them, including each of the last seven. He has picked against the Noles six times – and has been right each of the last three times. 

‘The Bear’ College GameDay Week 1 Fun Facts:

·       Louisville, Ky., will be the 76th different city from which GameDay will originate. Louisville is also the 67th different school to host GameDay, and after Saturday, the show will have originated from 52 of the 65 Power 5 schools.

·       Louisville is the seventh first-time school to host GameDay in the last three years. All four debut hosts in 2014 year won their game – Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Harvard and Baylor. Last year, both James Madison and Temple lost. First-time hosts are 40-26 all-time.

·       This is the second trip to Kentucky, as GameDay originated from Lexington, on October 20, 2007, when Florida defeated the Wildcats 45-37.

·       The last four times GameDay has been to an FBS site for Week 3, the home team has lost. Last year Alabama lost to Ole Miss, in 2013 Texas A&M lost to Alabama, in 2012 Tennessee lost to Florida and in 2011 Florida State lost to Oklahoma. In 2014, the show was in Fargo, N.D. for Week 3.

·       This is the 14th time GameDay has been at a true road game which Florida State was involved in. The Seminoles are 8-5 in the previous 13.

·       The last 12 times GameDay has been to a top-10 matchup on a host campus, the home team has gone 10-2. However each of the last two hosts – Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma and Ohio State vs. Michigan State – each lost.

·       This is the 11th time a top-10 team has hosted the No. 2 ranked team at a GameDay site. No. 2 has lost each of the last three times – Auburn at Mississippi State in 2014, Texas Tech at Oklahoma in 2008 and Michigan at Ohio State in 2006.

·       This is the 32nd time Florida State has been a part of a GameDay show. Only Alabama (36), Ohio State (34) and Florida (34) have been a part of more. FSU has a 17-14 record with GameDay present.

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