Former Louisville Quarterback signed a deal with the Baltimore Ravens to become the highest paid player in NFL history. The deal is a 5-year pact worth $260,000,000. $185,000,000 of the contract is guaranteed.

Earlier this year the Ravens placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on Lamar which would have been a 1-year $32.4M deal that could have been repeated prior to the 2024 season.

Instead, the Ravens and Lamar Jackson decided to sign a deal that would make Lamar’s average salary $52,000,000 per year over the course of 5 years.

Lamar’s rookie contract was a 4-year deal worth $9.47M with $7.575M guaranteed. That deal had an option for a 5th year, which the Ravens activated for the 2022 season where Lamar earned $23,016,000.

In total Lamar Jackson has earned $32,774,549 from the Ravens in his 1st 5 seasons. He’ll earn $20,000,000 more than that in 2023.

Lamar elected prior to the 2018 NFL draft to not sign with an agent. Rookie salaries are slotted in the NFL. But the lack of agent did affect his earning during the 2022 season playing on the franchise rookie option.

In this latest deal, Lamar saved between $2.6M and $7.8M by not having an agent.

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