The Minnesota Vikings pulled a quick one.

But before than, things looked bleak.

It appeared that a trip to New York was going to last another day.

Teddy Bridgewater sat through 31 picks and watched as teams passed on him. It appeared that we’d have to wait until tomorrow for to hear his name.

Then, with the a phone call; the magic happened. Just like that.

The Minnesota Vikings traded up with Seattle Seahawks in selected Teddy Bridgewater as the final pick of the first round, possibly stealing him from the Houston Texans in the process. Folks, the 32nd pick of the 2014 NFL Draft is going to be remembered for a while.

“Everything happens for a reason. God has a plan for everything. The Vikings are a great organization. I can now say that I made it,” Teddy Bridgweater told Deion Sanders of NFL.com. “Basically, I felt that I had a great workout with those guys. I was unable to establish a relationship with them. I felt very comfortable that I was going to end up in Minnesota at the end of the night someway, somehow.”

It’s not often that I can truly say I’m overjoyed about a player being drafted. I can say that with Teddy Bridgewater. He represents the meaning of high character and humbleness. I can’t think of many out there that deserved this moment more than Teddy Bridgewater did tonight.

As for the team he’s going to, it’s a pretty good deal for Bridgewater too.

Norv Turner comes to Minnesota as a noted offensive guru in the familiar position of Offensive Coordinator.

“Norv is gonna turn Teddy’s life around,” Michael Irvin of NFL.com noted.

The west coast offense installed by Turner will give Bridgewater the freedom to drop-back and showcase is accuracy, all while being a system that he’s comfortable in with it’s glaring similarities to a traditional spread type offense.

There are a couple other nice things working in Bridgewater’s favor. Let’s start with the guy in the backfield. You can’t get much more a safety net for a rookie QB than having Adrian Peterson in the backfield. Bridgewater also has veteran Greg Jennings as a safety net wide receiver to throw the ball to. Another positive? In the event that Bridgewater is not immediately ready for the NFL, he won’t pressured into the starting role.

The Vikings already have a serviceable QB in Christian Ponder and a veteran in Matt Cassell that will allow Bridgewater to slowly have the platoon passed to him if needed. But the Vikings desperately need play-making ability from the Quarterback position, and actually started Josh Freeman last season despite just being with the organization for 2 days on Monday Night Football. Teddy can provide that play-making ability.

The Vikings may need one more playmaker at the wide receiver spot but this a wonderful spot for the Bridgewater. He gets an offensive coordinator that will be able to handle Bridgewater’s transition to the NFL beautifully. Out of the possible landing spots for Teddy Bridgewater, there may not be a team and situation that was more tailor made for Bridgewater.

Mark it down. Print it out. This is the start of a legacy. Bridgewater and Norv Turner are about to make some heads turn. Let the magic begin.

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