Louisville Defensive Line Coach Clint Hurtt spoke with media this evening for the first time since the NCAA’s investigation into the University of Miami. An investigation that concluded today resulting in Hurtt being penalized with a 2-year ‘show-clause’ action for his involvement.

“The last couple years have been stressful, so there is relief that its over,” Hurtt noted. “The other side is disappointment because I felt like I was forthcoming [with the NCAA]. I went out and was truthful about what I said. My whole purpose going into this was to be truthful. I know I made mistakes, I wasn’t trying to hide anything. I was willing to live with any repercussion that came along with this. The decision that they made, I have to respect it, doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

The report from the NCAA claimed that aside from what happened at Miami, that Hurtt also ‘knowingly’ misled the NCAA investigation. Hurtt stated that he didn’t agree with that claim and maintained that he kept full honestly with the NCAA throughout the investigation.

“I apologize to the University of Louisville and it’s fans,” Hurtt noted. “I had no idea how Tom [Jurich] would respond. He had been great through the whole scenario. But I’m the type of guy, that I was prepared and if I needed to step down and resign – I was gonna be fine with that. I understand this business and I understand the mistakes I made. I’m all about accountability.”

Although, these things happened at the University of Miami, the Coaching Staff and the University maintained that no wrong has been done while at the University of Louisville. Louisville Head Coach Charlie Strong reiterated that on Tuesday.

“I know this: within this program, there’s never been a rule broken,” Strong explained. ” [Hurtt has] been nothing but an outstanding citizen in the four years he’s been here.”

Hurtt continued along that line with this statement.

“I will say this: I’ve only needed to sell myself, the coach, and the program I was a part of to help get players, period,” Hurtt said. “Whether that was at the University of Miami and the University of Louisville. You can ask any parent of any kid I’ve ever recruited. They all speak to the character of the Head Coach I work for and obviously the University I work for.”

Along with the two-year show clause, Hurtt will be off recruiting until mid 2014. LB Coach Brian Jean-Mary will replace Hurtt as the recruiting coordinator during this process, Hurtt has also been stripped of his title of “Associate Head Coach’.

“Coach Brian Jean-Mary will be the recruiting coordinator and that decision was made over the Spring,” Louisville Head Coach Charlie Strong noted. “He was the associate Head Coach, so he’ll no longer be the associate Head Coach.”

It’s been one of the toughest parts of the result of this investigation for Clint Hurtt.

“Meeting young men and meeting their families. That’s a part I loved. I’ll really miss that,” Hurtt noted. “I would love to return to that someday. That’s the lifeblood of a program. That being taken away – it’s something you’re gonna miss – but I understand not having that opportunity.”

Despite not agreeing with the result of the investigation, Hurtt won’t appeal the decision.

“I’m ready to move past this,” He noted. “Time heals all and I’m ready to move forward.”

Although plenty will tarnish his name, coaches and players alike remain outspoken about Hurtt’s high character.

“I just know the type of guy he is,” Strong noted. “And I’m happy he doesn’t have to battle with this every day.”

“He’s a great person, He’s a great individual,” Senior DT Brandon Dunn said. “He’s been a father figure to a lot of these kids. There is no other person that I can think has changed my life more than him.”

Now, Clint Hurt can finally now move forward and not have to live with this burden over his head anymore.

“Everyone makes mistakes. As long as you own up & face accountability, I think everybody should be forgiven and have second opportunities,” He said.

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