Louisville Safety Calvin Pryor signed his rookie deal with the New York Jets on Monday, and late Monday night we learned the full details of his initial deal in the NFL.   As the #18 overall pick in the 1st Round, Pryor’s 4-year deal comes with a 5th Year team option prior to Calvin becoming an Unrestricted Free Agent.

Calvin Pryor’s 4-Year $8,563,253 contract includes a $4,547,820 signing bonus.  Calvin’s entire deal is guaranteed so Pryor will received the full $8,563,253 monetary value of the contract.  The signing bonus will be paid incrementally over 4-years in $1,136,955 installments.  Pryor will begin his NFL career with a $420,000 salary, with significant increases from year to year.

4 yr(s) / $8,563,253 SIGNING BONUS $4,547,820 AVERAGE SALARY $2,140,813 GUARANTEED: $8,563,253
2014 420,000 1,136,955 1,556,955
2015 809,239 1,136,955 1,946,194
2016 1,198,478 1,136,955 2,335,433
2017 1,587,716 1,136,955 2,724,671

Calvin’s Finalized Contract & earnings of $1,556,955 for 2014 push the Cards to a 2014 Salary Pool of $31,022,927.00 for the 2014 season. Louisville has 23 players on NFL rosters at the moment and we are still waiting for details of Marcus Smith’s 1st Round deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. We are also watching to see where Free Agents Michael Bush, David Akers, Kerry Rhodes, Deion Branch, and other Cards who potentially may be picked up in Free Agency. We will also keep an eye out for any cuts that may impact this group as well throughout camps.

In the meantime, Louisville’s NFL group has actually begun to crack the Top 195 for Country Total Annual GDP in developing nations and is taking aim at Tuvalu’s (a Polynesian Island Nation in the Pacific) GDP with a few more contracts.

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