Wednesday morning on the Drew Deener show, Auburn Jay Tate @JayGTate of (who also attended UK and Transylvania) had some interesting comments about the Louisville football program.

-Tate started off his underhanded comments on the radio show at the 9:10 mark talking about Louisville selling its alottment to the Chick-fil-A Kickoff “I heard Louisville sold out their alottment which is great, but I wonder how many Auburn fans kind of snuck in there and started snagging those tickets.”

Until the end of June tickets to the Chick-fil-A Kickoff weren’t available to anyone but CAF members, and few were left to the general public. Did any Auburn fans get some through UofL? Sure, it’s probable. But it’s not a large number.

-Later Drew asks Jay about Auburn’s fans perception of Louisville Football, Jay: “You know Louisville was kind of garbage at the time when they announced this game. Louisville wasn’t very good so nobody really cared.” Jay went on to say that Auburn people never really liked Bobby Petrino.

The game was announced on August 29, 2013. You can read the UofL release here.  Louisville was fresh off a Sugar Bowl win vs. #4 Florida (who was a game shy of the National Championship game).  Also at the time of the announcement, Louisville was #9 pre-season (14 players from the 2013 team have been drafted thus far..and more are coming).

-Jay Tate closed a lengthy rant by saying, “I just don’t think many Auburn people like Petrino and they think they look at Louisville as a Basketball school that just plays Football.  Honestly.”

With this, Tate basically said that Petrino couldn’t even get an interview at Auburn when the job was open and then the Basketball school comment.  OK.

-Drew Deener asked Jay Tate to clarify saying “Hadn’t they just beat Florida in the Sugar Bowl?”  Tate responded by: “I don’t think people thought much of Florida at that time either. I mean it was good for Louisville.” 

We simply can not allow revisionist history to continue.  Florida was ‘disinterested’ or ‘people didn’t think much of Florida at the time’.  COME ON.  Florida was 11-1 (in the almighty SEC) with wins over Texas A&M, LSU, South Carolina, and FSU (and were ranked #4 in the country at the time of the Sugar Bowl) and its fans were upset about being left out of the BCS National Championship game.  Louisville routed them and then the excuses have come from national media and throughout the SEC.

Florida was well-regarded.  STOP with the non-sense.  And stop with the discounting of the accomplishments of Louisville Football.

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