FIVE Days from the beginning of the 2015 ACC Tournament….the 1st with the Louisville Cardinals. Last night the Cards fell to Notre Dame and Duke took down Wake Forest. With those games, the ACC Tournament now has 5 of 14 seeds anchored into place:

1) Virginia
2) Duke
3) Notre Dame
11) Wake Forest
12) Boston College.

The rest of the seeds are up for grabs.  Louisville is now either going to be a 4 or 5 seed in the ACC Tourney.

ACC Basketball Tournament Tiebreakers Per the League Office

I. When two teams are tied in the standings, regular-season head-to-head results are used as the tiebreaker.

II. If the two tied teams split their regular season games, the tie is broken by comparing each team’s records against the team occupying the highest position in the standings, and then continuing down until one team gains an advantage.

IV. If procedures 2 and/or 3 fail to establish an advantage, a coin flip to break the tie will be conducted by the commissioner after the final regular-season game before the conference tournament.

  Team ACC Record Games Remaining
1 Virginia 16-1 UofL 3/7
2 Duke 14-3 UNC 3/7
3 Notre Dame 13-4 Clemson 3/7
4 Louisville 11-6 UVA 3/7
5 North Carolina 11-6 Duke 3/7
6 Miami (FL) 9-8 VT 3/7
7 NC State 9-8 Syracuse 3/7
8 Pittsburgh 8-9 FSU 3/7
9 Clemson 8-9 ND 3/7
10 Florida State 7-10 Pitt 3/7
11 Wake Forest 5-12 BC 3/7
12 Boston College 3-14 Wake 3/7
13 Georgia Tech 3-15 NONE
14 Virginia Tech 2-15 Miami 3/7
Syracuse Ineligible


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