We are 13 days away from kickoff folks. This evening Special Teams Coach Kenny Carter and Kicker John Wallace met with the media to discuss…you guessed it, special teams. Here’s some News & Notes from that:

-It’s well documented the kickoff coverage struggles Louisville had last year. In fact, they occurred in every game including the Sugar Bowl.  To negate that this season, Kenny Carter says more starters will be used in the kickoff return sets.

-John Wallace – who made some notable pressure kicks last year – says his confidence has grown in the off-season. He says he’s comfortable from 57, 58 yards, of course that being with ideal conditions. He also noted that he made one from 61 yards in practice. 61. Art Carmondy would be proud.

-Kenny Carter on Returners:

“We’ve got a lot of good guys who’ve earned the opportunity to play as returners. They’re gonna get that opportunity first, and then we’ll see how James [Quick] is, as he continues his maturation process. With having Robert Clark and Devontre Parnell, it just takes it to another level. Those guys are dynamic.”

-John Wallace stated that Gerald Christian was the hardest guy to take down and Devontre Parnell, along with Robert Clark are two of the fastest.

-Breaking News…The Running Back position will have ‘Co-Starters’  this season per Running Back Coach Kenny Carter. I know, shocking right?

-John Wallace emphasis this off-season has been improving the height of his kicks.

-Lastly and most importantly, Wallace spoke about why he’s went with the curious combo of one yellow neon cleat and one orange neon soccer cleat:

“Last year my plant foot ripped out in the Southern Miss game. My cleat just ripped out. So I’ve been trying to find the left cleat to match this one, because I like this one.”



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